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South Africa:Minister Edna Molewa - Opening of Third Biodiversity Indaba

[Govt of SA] "Entrepreneurs meet investors, for a thriving and inclusive biodiversity economy" (

South Africa:Minister Edna Molewa On Eastern Cape Double Drift Wildlife Economy Project

[Govt of SA] Minister of Environmental Affairs, Dr Edna Molewa launches the Double Drift Wildlife Economy Project in Eastern Cape (

Utilizing Nile Fairly for Economic Benefits

[Ethiopian Herald] Africa though is a source of abundant renewable hydroelectric power; surprisingly the supply of electricity within the continent is still poor. The Continent, blessed with greatest rivers, such as Abay, Zaire and Limpopo, and a wealth of different potential energy sources, is still yelling for electricity and in short supply of electrical energy. Notably, a few African countries are in rapid growth and industrial development. However, they could not fully meet the demand of the power the economy requires. (

Tanzania:Community-Based Wildlife Conservation is Bringing Success to Tanzania

[The Conversation Africa] Good news about the environment is rare these days. But in Tanzania there are signs that community-based wildlife conservation efforts can effectively protect the natural resources that provide the lion's share of revenue for the economy. (

Africa:Mauritius Tops Africa's Economic Freedom Stakes

[Government of Mauritius] Mauritius has maintained its first position as a "mostly free" economy in Sub-Saharan Africa and has been ranked 21st out of 180 countries with a score of 75,1 in the 24th Index of Economic Freedom published by the Heritage Foundation. The country has recorded an increase of 0,4 points with improvements in scores for government integrity and property rights indicators. (

Machine-to-human skills transfer: bridging the South African talent divide with AI

South Africa is open to business and looking to reignite its struggling economy under the rule of newly-appointed President Cyril Ramaphosa. However, without urgent action on South Africa's growing skills deficit, all dreams of a booming economy with low unemployment will remain unrealised. This was pointed out by the International Monetary Fund in 2017, when [&hellip (

South Africa:Book Review - Road Tripping Through the Secrets of the Eastern Cape Karoo

[Daily Maverick] The wire art formed by young, poor hands in places like Michausdal and Lingelihle is the link between the visitor and the local economy in small Karoo towns like Cradock. And when you move to such a town - and to a new province - you're extraordinarily lucky if you find there the two people who know small-town South Africa best, the journalists and road trippers, Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit. (

Why the Dominance of Big Players Is Bad for South Africa's Economy

[The Conversation Africa] Talk of radical economic transformation in South Africa requires a second look if it is to deliver the goods. While the concept has assumed varying definitions in recent times, it's generally accepted as representing a push for structural change of the post-apartheid economy in a way that creates space for the black majority to participate fully. (

Kenya:Coal Plant Confirmed for Coast

[CAJ News] Johannesburg -EAST Africa's largest economy - Kenya's first coal-fired plant is set to bring electricity to an area of high unemployment and puts the country at the table for a global alliance on fossil fuels. (

South Africa:JSE Performance Resilient in Tough Economy

[CAJ News] Johannesburg -THE Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), which has not been spared economic upheavals of the past year, is upbeat of South Africa's economic prospects in 2018. (

SONA 2018 - Ramaphosa Charm Offensive Extends to Land Expropriation, Unemployment and That 'Reshuffle'

[Daily Maverick] South Africa's "original sin" of black land dispossession would be redressed with land expropriation without compensation as part of the "collective action" required to unite the country, but without damaging the economy, agricultural production or food security. This was President Cyril Ramaphosa at his negotiating best: a nod to everyone's concerns, a call for solution-focused unity of purpose and, ever so subtly, an ultimatum. His response on Tuesday to the parliamentary debate on the State of the Natio (

The Post Zuma Economic Bump Will Be Brief

[Atlantic Council] Since Jacob Zuma took office in May 2009, South Africa's economy has been a story of low-to-no growth, flagrant corruption, and extreme inequality. Indeed, his erratic policies have twice spiraled the economy into recession (in 2009 and 2017), resulting in significant slashes to the country's credit rating and an overall downgrade of the country's brand. The recent victory of Cyril Ramaphosa at the African National Congress (ANC) conference in December injected a sense of hope into the political and econom (

South Africa:Cosatu Statement On Budget Speech Expectations

[COSATU] COSATU has welcomed President Ramaphosa's State of the Nation Address. Workers are pleased that it unveils a serious programme to arrest corruption and the nation's decay and to lift the economy out of recession and create employment for workers. (

Zimbabwe:Govt to Mortgage Minerals for Capital

[Zimbabwe Independent] Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya on Monday told visiting Australian assistant secretary for Africa branch Gita Kamath that the country is ready to securitise its mineral resources in exchange for over US$1 billion in long-term capital to turn around the economy, it has been established. (

Africa:Airbnb Looks for Tourism Growth Across Africa

[Digital Content Africa] Airbnb is an international shared economy start-up that has built its presence in Africa without a lot of hoopla. At the end of last year, it released a progress report on where it had got to so far and set itself some ambitious targets for working with townships and rural communities. Russell Southwood spoke to its Regional Marketing Consultant (Southern Africa) Velma Corcoran about where it's headed. (

South Africa: President Ramaphosa hails 'new dawn', warns of tough decisions

South Africa will face "tough decisions" as it works to repair its economy after years of stagnation, new President Cyril Ramaphosa said in a sober address on Friday that sought to draw a line under the turbulent rule of his predecessor Jacob Zuma. (

South Africa:Zuma's Removal Was a Masterstroke - Can It Be Repeated for the Economy?

[The Conversation Africa] The removal of South African president Jacob Zuma will be remembered for several reasons. One may be the gap between reality and what reporters, commentators and those who shape the national debate say happened. (

South Africa Sees Fresh Start for Economy, With the Same Challenges

Jacob Zuma’s ouster as president is raising hopes of better fortunes for the nation’s moribund economy, but it will not happen easily. (

Zimbabwe:Mnangagwa to Commission 108 Railway Wagons

[The Herald] President Mnangagwa will next Wednesday commission 108 wagons, seven locomotives and eight passenger coaches sourced from South Africa last week for the revival of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), a key parastatal in the drive to turn around the economy. (

South Africa:Political Deadlock Grounds Mining Sector

[CAJ News] Johannesburg -THE mining industry in South Africa, the continent's most advanced economy, is bearing the brunt of policy uncertainty and the prevailing political impasse. (

Southern Africa:Zimbabwe - an Opportunity for Reform?

[ICG] A new presidential administration in Zimbabwe offers an opportunity for much-needed democratic and economic reform after years of stagnation. In this excerpt from our Watch List 2018, Crisis Group proposes four key areas on which the EU and its member states should focus its support: the security sector, elections, the economy and national reconciliation. (

South Africa:Cosatu Statement On the Decision By PIC to Advance a R5 Billion Bridging Facility to Eskom

[COSATU] We understand the role of Eskom in our economy and we are also thinking of the impact that an implosion of Eskom will have on the economy and jobs in general. We also remain adamant that the power utility should remain in the hands of the state. (

Goodwell Investments raises $24 million for African investment (

South Africa:Outlook for the South African Mining Industry

[SAIIA] Hot on the heels of Davos, the Investing in Africa Mining Indaba provides an opportunity for the new ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa, to send the right signals to the local mining industry and civil society to renew confidence in the sector. South Africa's mining industry remains a critical component of the economy; a potential flywheel for upstream manufacturing, downstream beneficiation, and horizontal spillovers. If we are to address the problems of youth unemployment, poverty and inequality, due attenti (

Zimbabwe:UK Envoy Seeks to Build Bridges With Govt

[Zimbabwe Independent] Visiting newly-appointed British minister for Africa and Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development Harriett Baldwin is expected to discuss currency stabilisation, re-engagement and other macro-economic issues with senior government officials as Harare steps up a diplomatic offensive to revive a floundering economy, it has been established. (

South Africa:Snap On the City Safety Belt

[CAJ News] Smart, Secure and Evolved this is the city that can transform the South African economy. (

South Africa:It's the Economy, Stupid - How to Unlock Avenues for Investments

[Daily Maverick] With the nostalgia dying down post the Nasrec ANC conference and some positive steps being observed from certain quarters such as the Asset Forfeiture Unit and the Hawks, we are indeed encouraged that change has commenced. (

Entrepreneurs Urged Not to Miss China-Namibia Business Opportunities

[New Era] Windhoek -Minister of Land Reform Utoni Nujoma has urged both Chinese and Namibian entrepreneurs to take advantage of the business opportunities being presented by China-Africa cooperation, in a win-win manner, in order to grow the country's economy. (

Africa:EU, AU Pledge to Support Zimbabwe

[The Herald] Addis Ababa -The European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) have both pledged unwavering support to President Mnangagwa's Government in its efforts to reintegrate Zimbabwe into the international community and reforms to place the economy on a growth trajectory. AU chairperson Mr Moussa Faki Mahamat will visit Zimbabwe soon to assess how the AU can support the country in its preparations for harmonised elections, to be held by June this year and renewed efforts to have illegal sanctions imposed by the West lifted. (

Tanzania Supremacy in Economic Inclusion... Here Is the Top Secret

[Daily News] UPGRADED infrastructure, health services, free education policy, anti-corruption fight and well-performing social security schemes are among factors that helped Tanzania to emerge the best inclusive economy in Africa, it has been revealed. (

Gig economy disrupts status quo, presenting an opportunity for Africa (