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Lake Tanganyika Protection is Everyone's Duty, Says Second Deputy President

[Iwacu] The issue of Lake Tanganyika pollution has been raised by different MPs when the Second Deputy President was presenting achievements of the ministries for which he is responsible for the past six months in the National Assembly. Joseph Butore says everyone should be involved in lakes' protection. (AllAfrica)

Gihungwe Residents Demand Compensation for Exploitation of Quarries

[Iwacu] About 54 families from Gihungwe locality in Gihanga commune of Bubanza western province, owners of quarries where small stones are extracted to extend the national road no5-(Bujumbura-Cibitoke) have staged a sit-in this 5 October on the extraction site. They prevented the truck drivers from digging their lands because they have not received their compensation. (AllAfrica)

Burundi Refugees Stranded in Raging Congolese Combat

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -INCESSANT clashes between armed groups and government forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have delayed the opening of a refugee camp to accommodate refugees fleeing equally-troubled Burundi. The conflict has displaced thousands of Congolese. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) said while a negative impact on the conduct of humanitarian activities was feared, a direct consequence of these clashes was the delay in opening the new Mulongwe refugee camp. (AllAfrica)

Burundi Government Committed to Fight Brain Drain, Says Vice President

[Iwacu] During the presentation of the achievements of eight ministries under his responsibilities at the National Parliamentary, the vice-deputy president says that Burundian students will no longer apply in some countries that retained brilliant students. (AllAfrica)

Activists Demand National Assembly to Urge Government to Submit Budget Bill

[Iwacu] In its opening session of this 2 October 2017, the National Assembly should start debating over the budget bill for 2018.The latter was not however submitted by the government. Activists appeal to the National Assembly to play its role. (AllAfrica)

Burundi's Newest, Biggest Rebel Group

[African Arguments] Who are the Popular Forces of Burundi? (AllAfrica)

Northern Lakes Threatened

[Iwacu] Uncontrolled exploitation is the main threat to the lakes in Kirundo northern province. The administration promises to take innovative measures to effectively protect lakes from being polluted. (AllAfrica)

Fuel Shortage - Users Complain and Government Reassures

[Iwacu] Since last week, gasoline shortage is observed in Bujumbura town. Public transport drivers complain. The Ministry of Energy and Mines reassures gasoline will be available any day. (AllAfrica)

Local Teachers' Union Demands Redeployment Review

[Iwacu] The teachers' union - SEPEDUC says the criteria applied to redeploy teachers to different localities do not respect the human rights. "The technical commission in charge of redeploying teachers targeted those with less experience and unmarried ones" says Gérard Niyongabo, the chairman of SEPEDUC. (AllAfrica)

UNHCR Appeals for Funds to Help Burundian Refugees

[New Times] The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, and partner agencies have made an international appealed for $429 million (approx. Rwf360bn) to help meet the needs of Burundian refugees across the region. (AllAfrica)

Business Opportunities With Tanzania to Be Increased

[Iwacu] A business forum between Tanzanian and Burundi was held on 30 September 2017, to discuss a number of factors that can help to increase trade between the two countries. (AllAfrica)

Budget Session Without Budget Bill

[Iwacu] The National Assembly has opened its October ordinary session this 2 October. Sixteen bills will be analyzed and adopted by MPs. (AllAfrica)

Burundi Today, Like Yesterday, Needs Sauti Sol

[African Arguments] If the youth of Burundi are deprived of the opportunity to sing together for hope, where then should they go? (AllAfrica)

Global Support Sought for Distressed Burundi Refugees

[CAJ News] Kigali -THE United Nations has appealed to the international community to support over 420 000 Burundian refugees in dire need of humanitarian assistance in neighbouring countries. The refugees are overwhelming Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda,Tanzania and Uganda. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) urgently requires US$429 million (R5,8 billion) appeal for humanitarian aid to Burundian refugees but only 12 percent of the funding has been recived. Underfunding has hampered reception facilities and li (AllAfrica)

Geneva - Battle Over Resolutions

[Iwacu] The UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution of the African group, more favorable to Bujumbura than that of the European Union. The latter expresses its great disappointment. (AllAfrica)

No Attack Perpetrated in Gatumba Locality, Says Army Spokesperson

[Iwacu] During the public conference the spokespersons of the government and other institutions have held on 29 September in Ngozi province, the Army spokesperson says there has not been any attack perpetrated in Gatumba locality, west of Bujumbura province. (AllAfrica)

Human Rights Council Adopts Two Resolutions On Burundi

[Iwacu] The Human Right Council has adopted two resolutions proposed by the European Union and a group of African Countries. Both commissions affirm crimes are being committed in Burundi, says a human rights activist. (AllAfrica)

Radio and Television Stations Banned From Operating and Another One Suspended

[Iwacu] Burundi Media Regulator-CNC has withdrawn an operating licence from some radio and television stations set ablaze and closed during the political crisis in 2015. Another medium has also been suspended for three months. Representatives of those media speak of injustice. (AllAfrica)

Humanitarian Operations for Refugees Strapped for Cash

[VOA] The U.N. refugee agency warns that funds for humanitarian assistance for hundreds of thousands of Burundian refugees have dried up, leaving only enough cash for the most essential needs. (AllAfrica)

Killings Still Rife in Burundi but African States Oppose ICC 'Help'

[East African] Since July 2015, when President Pierre Nkurunziza ran for a controversial presidential third term, brutal killings of leaders and civilians have continued unabated. (AllAfrica)

IDUAI in Burundi - Journalists Demand Cooperation for Public Information

[Iwacu] While the world celebrates the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) on September 28th, some Burundian journalists demand access to information and equal treatment. The ministry of information says journalists are well and equally treated. (AllAfrica)

Local Organization Pleads for Medical Abortion in Some Cases

[Iwacu] The association of women fighting against HIV/AIDS and Malaria-SFBLSP Burundi has celebrated on 28 September the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. It recommends Burundi government to ratify the Maputo protocol to promote women's rights. (AllAfrica)

Lack of Energy and Foreign Currencies Limits Exportation

[Iwacu] Investment Promotion Agency (API) calls on economic operators to promote the export of Burundi products. Exporters say the lack of foreign currencies and electricity are a big challenge to exportation. (AllAfrica)

Tourist Sites to Be Improved to Generate More Revenues

[Iwacu] On the occasion of the World Tourism Day, celebrated yearly on 27 September, Burundian artists complain about the lack of tourists to visit attractive sites and buy their works. (AllAfrica)

Burundi Represented in Rock in Rio Festival

[Iwacu] Bernard Ndoricimpa and Alfred Nyandwi (cultural singers) were thrilled to bits to be part of an international festival, spreading a message of love and unity on behalf of Burundi. Since Monday 18th September, the duo travelled to Rio (Brazil) to play their traditional music "umuduri" in Rock in Rio Festival. (AllAfrica)

Number of Citizens Using Contraception Is Increasing

[Iwacu] On the occasion of the World Contraception Day, the National Health and Reproduction Program (PNSR) says Burundians now understand the importance of using contraceptive methods. The users' number has increased from 2, 7 % in 2007 to 42, 5 % in 2016. (AllAfrica)

Foreign Currency Prices Increase in Burundi

[Iwacu] Foreign currencies continue to rise in price on the black market. Small importers say the lack of the former hampers their commercial activities. "Foreign currencies are increasingly becoming scarce and their price is constantly climbing as a consequence," says Christophe Niyongabo, a shoe salesman. (AllAfrica)

Citizens Now Satisfied With Regular Electricity Supply

[Iwacu] Following the launch of a new thermal power plant which produces 30 Megawatts by the company in charge of supplying water and electricity [REGIDESO], the power failure is not observed in different neighborhoods of the capital Bujumbura these days. Consumers say they are satisfied with the current regular supply. (AllAfrica)

Favouritism Should Be Banned in Contract Issuance, Says Local NGO

[Iwacu] In a press conference held this Monday, 25th September 2017, PARCEM, a local NGO has said the official and transparent offer of contracts would not be a favour, but a public service. The Authority in charge of regulating contracts (ARMP) says it does its best. (AllAfrica)

Mugere River to Be Protected From Butchers' Activities

[Iwacu] The Director of Water Resources says the clandestine abattoir set up along the Mugere River is one of the sources of Lake Tanganyika pollution. The Mugere surrounding inhabitants demand its relocation as it emits unpleasant odor. (AllAfrica)

La Niña in Observation Phase During Rainy Season

[Iwacu] The Ministry of Environment, Water and Urban territory has announced that the rainfall will be low for this agricultural season (from October to December). (AllAfrica)