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Survivors Describe Rape and Kidnapping By Local Armed Group Outside Bossangoa

[MSF] Bangui -A group of women were taken hostage and raped by a local armed group in western Central African Republic, according to ten survivors who arrived at Bossangoa Hospital for emergency medical care on March 3, said the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) today. (AllAfrica)

Six Killed in CAR Rebels' Attacks On Teachers

[CAJ News] Bangui -REBEL groups in the Central African Republic (CAR) have killed at least six teachers and education officials as atrocities in the war-torn country escalate. (AllAfrica)

More UN Peacekeepers Implicated in Sexual Abuse

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -YET another United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission is embroiled in a sexual scandal after a bishop raised such allegations against the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA). (AllAfrica)

'They Amused Themselves With My Body' - Male Survivors of Sexual Violence Stay Silent

[African Arguments] Sexual violence is widespread in the Central African Republic's conflict, including against thousands of men and boys. (AllAfrica)

Rape of Men and Boys in the Country Is 'Ignored' Crime

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Dakar -Fighters have used sexual violence against men and boys as a tool to "humiliate, emasculate, and terrorise" perceived enemies (AllAfrica)

Soccer Uniting Foes in War-Ravaged Country

[CAJ News] Bangui -FOOTBALL, aptly called the beautiful game, is hailed as the world's most powerful unifier. (AllAfrica)

Lone Warriors Rescue Sex Slaves and Rape Survivors

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Bangui -"Rebel chiefs come and tell the parents, 'We need your daughter'. It's not a request - it's an obligation" (AllAfrica)

Lack of Funding for Aid Operations Means 'People Will Die' - UN Official

[UN News] A senior United Nations relief official is urging the international community to boost support for humanitarian efforts in crisis-gripped Central African Republic (CAR), where nearly half the population requires assistance. (AllAfrica)

Road to Peace Remains 'Long and Difficult,' Says UN Envoy

[UN News] The violence plaguing communities across the Central African Republic (CAR) is a reminder that despite the efforts of all stakeholders, the path to peace, stability and reconciliation in the country remains long and difficult, a senior United Nations official told the Security Council on Thursday. (AllAfrica)

Can Nuclear Technology Zap Hunger in the Country?

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Bangui -Scientists bounce back from attacks to work on cutting-edge ways of improving cassava yields in conflict-torn country (AllAfrica)

Sardine-Tin Lamps and Wooden Fridges - Meet CAR's "Frugal Innovators"

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Bangui -In the midst of a humanitarian crisis, resourcefulness and creativity are the key to making a living (AllAfrica)

CAR Rebels Thriving On Illegal Taxes

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -FARMERS in the lawless Central African Republic (CAR) are under siege from rival rebel groups who impose illegal and deterrent taxes. (AllAfrica)

Rebel Leader Urges End to CAR Civil War

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -THERE is a glimmer of hope in the crisis-torn Central African Republic (CAR) after one of the country's most feared rebel leaders urged his militants to lay down arms. (AllAfrica)

CEMAC - Common Stock Exchange Envisaged

[Cameroon Tribune] The new structure will be the result of a merger between the central African stock exchange in Libreville and the Douala stock exchange. (AllAfrica)

CAR Patients Forced Off Bed, Shot Dead

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -REBEL groups have reportedly dragged patients from hospital beds and shot them dead in the worsening crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR). (AllAfrica)

Africa's Slowest Moving Fibre Project Takes Another Step Forward - African Development Bank Provides $21 Million for Central African Republic

[Balancing Act] London -Central Africa is probably the largest geographic area of the continent without a wide array of redundant fibre connecting its different countries. The Central African Backbone project was devised to change all that but it has been eight years and counting without a great deal happening. Russell Southwood looks at the new announcement and reflects on the snail's pace of progress. (AllAfrica)

Attacks On Medical Facilities Leave People Without Options

[MSF] "The first bullet hit a 13-year-old girl," says Christelle. "I fell to the ground and they kept shooting. A bullet hit my ankle. Another bullet hit a child of two or three who was in a shelter next to the hospital wall. He died instantly." (AllAfrica)

UN Renews Arms Embargo, Threatens More Sanctions

[VOA] The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday renewed an arms embargo against the Central African Republic for another year and added criteria that could lead to new sanctions. (AllAfrica)

Bishops Call On Fighters to Lay Down Arms

[CISA] Bangui -The Episcopal Conference of Central African Republic has appealed to armed groups controlling parts of the country to stop looting and lay down their arms. (AllAfrica)

There Is Hope for the People of the Central African Republic

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] With the UN's announcement that a record number of people are now displaced in the Central African Republic and a call for $515m in humanitarian aid, CAR is fast becoming one of the biggest, yet most under-reported humanitarian crises of our time. (AllAfrica)

UN Mission Issues 48-Hour Ultimatum to Armed Groups

[UN News] The United Nations Mission in the troubled Central African Republic, known by its French acronym, MINUSCA, has given armed groups in the north of the country 48 hours to clear out. (AllAfrica)

Appeal Hearing Focuses On Bemba's Mode of Liability

[Bemba Trial Website] Hearings in the appeal of Jean-Pierre Bemba's case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) have over the last two days dwelt on the interpretation of what constitutes a military commander's responsibility for crimes committed by their subordinates. Equally at the center of hearings was the level of knowledge a commander needs to have about subordinates' crimes in order to bear criminal liability. (AllAfrica)

At Appeal Hearing, Defense Lawyers Say Bemba Was Denied a Fair Trial

[Bemba Trial Website] On Tuesday, January 9, lawyers for Jean-Pierre Bemba argued at an appeal hearing at the International Criminal Court (ICC) that the former vice president of the Democratic Republic of Congo was denied a fair trial and his exculpatory evidence was unjustifiably dismissed, leading to his conviction for war crimes and crimes against humanity. (AllAfrica)

Was There Really a Coup Attempt Against Obiang?

[Deutsche Welle] In late December, Teodoro Obiang's government reported a border crossing by foreign mercenaries. A UN special envoy has now visited the country and pledged support. (AllAfrica)

Key Issues in Bemba's Appeal Hearing Against ICC Conviction

[Bemba Trial Website] Did former Congolese vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba's Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC) militia have an organizational policy to attack civilians? And did the nature and scope of the attacks warrant their classification as crimes against humanity? These are among the key issues that will be addressed during an oral hearing in Bemba's appeal against conviction for crimes committed 15 years ago. The hearing is scheduled to begin on January 9 and will last up to five days. (AllAfrica)

UN Agency Registers Thousands of Refugees Arriving in Chad

[UN News] In the wake of a recent flare-up of violence in the Central African Republic (CAR), the United Nations refugee agency said Friday that it is registering and assisting thousands of mostly women and children refugees arriving in Chad. (AllAfrica)

Military Launches Operation to Free Hostages

[VOA] Cameroon's military freed 17 of its citizens held hostage by armed groups from the Central African Republic. One person was killed and four were wounded in a confrontation between the military and the kidnappers. The country say hundreds of its citizens are still in captivity. (AllAfrica)

MINUSCA Police Chief Welcomes Rwandan Peacekeepers in the CAR

[New Times] The Police Commissioner for the United Nations Multidimensional Stabilisation Mission in Central African Republic (MINUSCA) Gen. Roland Zamora, on December 24, visited the camp of the third Protection and Support Unit (PSU) deployed recently, and urged them to maintain the image set forth by their predecessors. (AllAfrica)

Spike in Violence Hits Children, Says UN Agency

[UN News] For children and women in the Central African Republic, 2017 has been a very difficult year and sadly, the situation is not expected to improve in the coming months, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said Tuesday. (AllAfrica)

CAR Experiences Alarming Rise in Violence, Criminality

[VOA] The U.N. children's fund reports an alarming rise in violence and criminality in Central African Republic, with children and women most victimized from the lack of security and humanitarian aid. (AllAfrica)

Fish Farming Project Helps Refugees Feed Themselves

[VOA] The United Nations says humanitarian needs in refugee camps in Cameroon are increasing, exceeding the means available to take care of the growing number of refugees. But some of the refugees have empowered themselves by making use of resources around them to earn a living for their families. At Gado refugee camp in eastern Cameroon, 200 refugee women have developed a fish pond by a river and are supplying fish not only to people in need in the camp but to surrounding villages. (AllAfrica)