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Man steals 50 gran worth of grocery

A man who broke into a house and stole $50,000 worth of grocery has landed in more trouble after police reportedly recovered contraband from his jail cell.Romain Simpson yesterday pleaded guilty to house breaking and larceny when he appeared before... (Jamaica Star)

Be Alert - Public urged to exercise vigilance when travelling

Head of the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Assistant Superintendent of Police Dahlia Garrick, has appealed for persons to be vigilant when taking public transportation."We encourage persons to be timely,"... (Jamaica Star)

Living a simple rural life - Winston Flowers taking things easy in the hills of Mocho

After a hard day's work, Winston Flowers makes his way home on the back of his donkey. The rays of the afternoon sun are making their way over the hills of Mocho, Clarendon, when Flowers waves to The STAR team before bringing his animal to a halt in... (Jamaica Star)

Merlene McKenzie loves her farming

Merlene McKenzie is no stranger to farming as she has been doing it for the past 10 years. The Silent Hill, Clarendon, resident said that even though this is good work, she is faced by challenges such as lack of water and proper resources to make... (Jamaica Star)

Tax office employee convicted of fraud

A tax office employee has been convicted of corruption after he admitted to collecting $60,000 to provide a man a driver's licence.The employee, Showayne Gillespie, a stock clerk at the Spanish Town Revenue Service Centre, pleaded guilty in the... (Jamaica Star)

Man 'raped' by his dad - Males tell horrific stories of sexual abuse

Two Jamaican males have decided they will no longer suffer in silence and have come forward with horrifying stories about how they were 'raped' by other males.One of the men, George Brown*, a security guard, said his father raped him repeatedly for... (Jamaica Star)

'I want back my baby' - Woman searches for son 16 years after he disappeared

Janet Hardie turned 44 years old yesterday. But this St Ann businesswoman was in no mood to celebrate. In fact, she has not done so since March 10, 2002, the day her baby, Rojay King, disappeared without a trace. "I feel like a zombie,... (Jamaica Star)

Fish vendors blame damaged road for poor sales

Vendors in the Portmore Fishing Village located along Dyke Road say that they are experiencing low sales because potential clients are having difficulty getting to them.Marva Lynch, one of the vendors, said that the road leading from Passagefort on... (Jamaica Star)

Fighting crime with love - But preaching policeman says he would kill to save lives

Jamaica's 'Preaching Policeman' Corporal Cyril Francis has indicated that criminals should be ready for battle if they decide to challenge him.Francis preaches love and respect for mankind, but said he is prepared to defend himself if faced with a... (Jamaica Star)

Donors pool funds to bury 14-year-old murder victim

After Kaseka Daley read that family members were seeking funds to bury 14-year-old Tianna Clarke, whose body was found in an abandoned house in Granville, St James, she was moved to make a donation."I saw it on The STAR's Instagram page and when I... (Jamaica Star)

Shelter denies elderly man's abuse claims

After being homeless for little more than a year, 70-year-old Beswick Deans says he is being forcefully removed from a shelter in downtown Kingston.Deans said he is imploring the relevant authorities to relocate him to another shelter after he was... (Jamaica Star)

Retired pastor wants Christianity to play major role in society

Daniel Powell, the former pastor of The Jamaica Holiness Church in Silent Hill, Clarendon, said that the church has lost its hold on society.Powell, 94, who was a pastor for more than 40 years, said that the church... (Jamaica Star)

One Touch making life easy for Barrington Leslie

The 'beast of burden' is said to be blessed to serve its master, a saying that rings true for 84-year-old Barrington Leslie.The senior citizen was seen navigating traffic on the busy streets of the Old Capital, Spanish Town, St Catherine, with One... (Jamaica Star)

Providence Methodist gets gear from Canadian club

In the midst of Career Day, the football club and team members at Providence Methodist Early Childhood Institution were last week gifted with gear from Kleinburg Nobleton Soccer Club (KNSC) of Ontario, Canada.The school's principal, Catherine Smith-... (Jamaica Star)

Crazy bikers riding with eyes shut

Some motorcyclists in western Jamaica have been riding through traffic with their eyes shut.In a bid to become part of a bike-riding gang, the riders are asked to do daring stunts such as riding across the road in on coming traffic with their eyes... (Jamaica Star)

Butcher chops off man's hand

There was high drama in the Ochi Rios Market last Thursday when a man's hand was reportedly chopped off by another man, said to be a butcher, in a machete fight, allegedly over a woman. A police officer attached to the Ochi Rios Police Station, while... (Jamaica Star)

Adams overlooked! - Former army general is the new commish

Retired crime-fighter Renato Adams has yet again been overlooked for the job of Commissioner of Police. The Police Service Commission yesterday announced that Major General Antony Anderson, a former chief of defence staff, will be leading the... (Jamaica Star)

News on the go

Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Keith 'Trinity' Gardner says the Police Service Commission made a good choice by selecting Antony Anderson as the next police commissioner."General Anderson brings to the force a wealth of knowledge and... (Jamaica Star)

Homeless for a decade - Man seeks job to put roof over his head

For more than a decade, Derrick Morgan has been jobless and without a home.In an interview with THE STAR, Morgan said he has been walking the streets of the Corporate Area for years in search of a steady job,... (Jamaica Star)

Silent Hill living up to its name

Silent Hill in Clarendon is living up to its name, according to some residents in the community.Marlene McKenzie told THE STAR that she is happy that the community is so peaceful and crime-free."The community so peaceful, probably because of the... (Jamaica Star)

Holness picks favourite artistes, songs

Since getting lessons on how to fling his shoulder from Ding Dong and members of the Ravers Clavers dance crew, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is yet to perfect the dance move."That was my first time doing it, and I haven't done it since," Holness... (Jamaica Star)

Worthless cop not supporting child - ... babymother fed up with court system

The mother of a seven-year-old child is accusing policemen of shielding their colleagues against whom child support orders have been made.Pam Black* said her child's father, who is a policeman, has failed to live up to his obligations. She alleges... (Jamaica Star)

Help us bury Tianna - Slain teenager's family makes plea to public

The family of Tianna Clarke, the 14-year old girl whose body was found in an abandoned house in Granville, St James, last Saturday, is seeking the public's assistance to cover her burial expenses.Her grandmother Daphane Bent said the family has... (Jamaica Star)

Off-duty policeman kills would-be robber, injures another

A policeman got the better of two unknown men who attempted to rob him on Tuesday night in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, fatally shooting one in the process.THE STAR understands that the second man also received gunshot wounds and remains in... (Jamaica Star)

Heartbreak on Valentine's Day - Mother loses son in suspected drowning

Audrey Williams was at a loss for words when she heard that her son, Bryan Gooden, had drowned in Caymanas Bay on Valentine's Day.She told THE STAR that her daughter was the one who told her the news but she did not believe her."My likkle daughter... (Jamaica Star)

Four guns stolen from Manchester house - Cops seek - witness for court - PAJ wary of data collection act - PNP takes issue with road - Toyota recalls cars - Prisoners deserve a chance <I>- Charles

Thieves broke into a house in New Green, Manchester, on Monday night and stole four guns.The men reportedly entered the house, which belongs to a businessman, broke into a safe and stole three shotguns, one 9mm Smith and Weston pistol and 20 rounds... (Jamaica Star)

Daughter's kidneys stolen? - Mother wants independent pathologist

A Kingston mother is pressing her claim for a local hospital to allow her an opportunity to have an independent pathologist at her daughter's autopsy.Nadine Evans' daughter, Carell White, passed away at a hospital in Kingston on December 19, 2017.... (Jamaica Star)

People use bleaching cream for lighter butts

Skin lightening products have been around for a while, and there are new products always emerging in the market.However, for Simone Shape, a cream she created is more about getting the dark areas on the skin to fit the person's overall skin tone.... (Jamaica Star)

People have to be smarter - fire official warns

With a number of deadly fires since the start of the year, the chief fire prevention officer at the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Acting Assistant Commissioner Floyd McLean, said that people need to start taking charge of their lives.He said structural... (Jamaica Star)

Two homes come tumbling down - damage causes injuries, millions in losses

In less than a month, millions of dollars have gone down the drain after two homes collapsed in west rural St Andrew communities.Aspiring homeowners suffered tremendous losses and in one case, several persons suffered serious injuries.The latest... (Jamaica Star)

News on the go

Residents of Chesterfield, St Mary, should get their bridge by June. Bridges will also be installed in Mahogany Vale, St Thomas, Trout Hall Pass in Clarendon, and Tranquillity in Portland.E.G. Hunter, chief executive officer of the National Works... (Jamaica Star)