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Psychical Swaziland Beat Brave Warriors

[Namibian] The physical appearance of Swaziland coupled with seven new players in the Brave Warriors squad contributed to their 1-0 defeat against the hosts in Manzini in a friendly match on Thursday evening. (AllAfrica)

'Experimental' Brave Warriors Stumble Against Swazi in Friendly

[New Era] Windhoek -An experimental Brave Warriors side, strictly comprising locally based players, yesterday suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat against Swaziland in a friendly match in that country's city of Manzini. (AllAfrica)

King Renames Swaziland As eSwatini, Citing Colonialism and Switzerland

[Deutsche Welle] The king of the tiny African nation of Swaziland announced the kingdom's new name would be eSwatini. Unlike some other countries, Swaziland maintained its colonial name after independence. (AllAfrica)

Swaziland Name Change - How Much Will it Cost?

[allAfrica] Cape Town -King Mswati III has announced that Swaziland's name has been changed to 'eSwatini', Deutsche Welle reports. The 50-year-old monarch made the declaration during the country's independence day celebrations, marking 50 years since its autonomy from British colonial rule. (AllAfrica)

King Unilaterally Renames Swaziland

[Swazi Media] King Mswati III of Swaziland demonstrated on Thursday his ability to rule as an autocratic monarch by unilaterally renaming his kingdom on his 50th birthday. (AllAfrica)

Election Board Awaits King's Command

[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) Chair Chief Gija Dlamini says he is waiting for King Mswati III's command before opening the polls. (AllAfrica)

Now or Never - Quashing Malaria Before It Roars Back

[allAfrica] A powerful international coalition of civil society organisations launches a new campaign in London today to fight back against the threatened resurgence of malaria. (AllAfrica)

Secrecy Over Cost of King's New Jet

[Swazi Media] King Mswati III the absolute ruler of impoverished Swaziland took delivery of his second private jet on Friday amid secrecy about the true cost of its purchase. (AllAfrica)

Pensioners March to Stop 'Looting'

[Swazi Media] Public service pensioners marched through the streets of the Swaziland capital on Tuesday (17 April 2018) to protest at plans by the unelected government to 'loot' their pension funds. (AllAfrica)

Taiwan Works to Keep Tiny Swaziland on Its Side

[VOA] Taiwan's new president makes her first trip to Africa this week to visit one of the island's two remaining allies on the continent. Support for Taiwan has diminished in Africa over the past decade, as billions of dollars in Chinese investment have flowed into the continent. (AllAfrica)

Confused Status of Swazi Widows

[Swazi Media] The Swaziland King has ordered widows to immediately remove their mourning gowns so that they can take part in his 50th birthday celebrations. (AllAfrica)

Brave Warriors to Face Swaziland in Friendly

[New Era] Windhoek -Brave Warriors mentor Ricardo Mannetti yesterday announced a 27-member squad that will face Swaziland in a friendly match in Manzini, Swaziland, a clash that will form part of that country's 50th independence celebrations. (AllAfrica)

Editor Wants Media Freedom Inquiry

[Swazi Media] Zweli Martin Dlamini, the editor who had his newspaper closed down by the Swaziland Government before he fled to neighbouring South Africa, has called for an international commission of inquiry into how the state has captured the media in the kingdom. (AllAfrica)

Police 'Spy' At Mandela Memorial

[Swazi Media] Police officers, some of them plain clothed, infiltrated a memorial service in Swaziland for Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. They were there to watch political activists who had gathered in her memory. (AllAfrica)

Early Election Campaigning Illegal

[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) says that would-be members of parliament are breaking the law by campaigning for votes before they have been given permission. (AllAfrica)

Swazi Govt 'Denies Buying Luxury Cars Worth U.S.$7.5 Million for King Mswati's Birthday Bash'

[News24Wire] Swaziland's government has reportedly denied claims that it bought a fleet of BMW 740i vehicles worth $7.5 million ahead of King Mswati III's birthday next week. (AllAfrica)

Swazi PM in Another 'Nepotism' Row

[Swazi Media] The wife of Swaziland Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini has been promoted to headteacher amid accusations of unfairness. (AllAfrica)

Swazi King's Wife Dies of Overdose - Report

[allAfrica] According to a report from City Press, King Mswati III's eighth wife, Senteni Masango, has died after she allegedly overdosed on about 40 amitriptyline capsules, medication used to treat rheumatic conditions, depression and related disorders. (AllAfrica)

Princess's 'Solution' to Marital Rape

[Swazi Media] Married women who do not want to be raped by their husbands should avoid sleeping in the bedroom, a senior member of the Swaziland Royal family said. (AllAfrica)

Swazi King's Birthday Excesses

[Swazi Media] People in Swaziland are to be encouraged to give King Mswati III, the kingdom's absolute monarch, gifts to mark his 50th birthday - but only after his party is over and dignities have gone home. (AllAfrica)

The Day Democracy Died in Swaziland

[Swazi Media] As attention in Swaziland is diverted towards King Mswati III's 50th birthday on 19 April 2018, one week earlier marks the 45th anniversary of the date the kingdom stopped being a democracy and became an absolute monarchy. (AllAfrica)

Taiwan First Guest At King's Birthday

[Swazi Media] Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen is the only head of state so far to publicly accept the invitation to visit Swaziland for King Mswati III's 50th birthday. (AllAfrica)

New Law On Phone Personal Data

[Swazi Media] All cellphones, SIM cards and electronic gadgets in Swaziland must be registered by law, the Swaziland Communications Commission (SCCOM) announced. (AllAfrica)

'Bow to Swazi King - Enter Heaven'

[Swazi Media] The Queen Mother in Swaziland told her subjects they must bow down before her and the King to earn forgiveness from God to be able to enter heaven. She said they must always obey those in authority over them. (AllAfrica)

PM Hints at Social Media Restriction

[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini has hinted his government might try to restrict access to social media. (AllAfrica)

Swazi King's Birthday Cash 'Looted'

[Swazi Media] One of King Mswati's most prominent lieutenants in Swaziland has said money intended for his birthday celebration in April is being 'looted'. (AllAfrica)

King in Total Control of His Kingdom

[Swazi Media] The Swaziland Attorney-General's announcement that the conflict within the three arms of government in the kingdom is 'normal' and there cannot be a separation of powers between them is irrelevant because all power rests with the absolute monarch, King Mswati III. (AllAfrica)

Campaign to Educate On Albinism

[Swazi Media] A campaign has started in Swaziland called 'Don't kill us, we are human beings too' to raise awareness about people with albinism. (AllAfrica)

Parents Want 'Lesbian' Teacher Out

[Swazi Media] A schoolteacher in Swaziland is being hounded out of her job because parents think she is a lesbian and a danger to their children. (AllAfrica)

New Sudan Ambassador Hands Over His Credentials to King of Swaziland

[SNA] Khartoum -Ambassador Mohamed Al-Hassan Ibrahim has delivered his credentials to His Majesty King Mswati III, King of the Kingdom of Swaziland, as Sudan Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Kingdom of Swaziland, resident in Pretoria. (AllAfrica)

Unpaid Bills - Power Cut At Ministry

[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Ministry of Home Affairs had its electricity cut off on Monday (26 March 2018) because it owes 'millions of emalangeni' on its power bill, a newspaper in the kingdom reported. (AllAfrica)