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Photojournalist Assaulted While Covering Teachers' Protest

[Swazi Media] A Swaziland journalist was assaulted by marchers as he took photographs at a teachers' protest. (AllAfrica)

No Food for Hospital Patients As Broke Govt Leaves Supplier Bills Unpaid

[Swazi Media] The public hospital in Swaziland's capital city Mbabane has run out of food for patients because the government has not paid its bills to suppliers. (AllAfrica)

Swaziland Teachers Want U.S. to Tell Absolute Monarch to Stop Wasting Public Money On Himself

[Swazi Media] Schoolteachers in Swaziland want the United States to tell the kingdom's absolute monarch King Mswati III to 'stop wasting public resources' on expensive overseas' trips and use the money to pay salary increases to civil servants. (AllAfrica)

Continent's Voice Must Be Heard, Says Eswatini Leader

[UN News] With Africa absorbing the most United Nations peacekeeping missions, King Mswati III, of Eswatini, said the continent's voice must be featured "prominently and permanently" at the UN, advocating for increased participation of Africa in the work of the world Organization, particularly the Security Council. (AllAfrica)

Observer Groups Say Vote Was 'Peaceful' but Short of 'Free and Fair'

[Swazi Media] None of the three official observer groups reporting so far on the Swaziland election have concluded it was 'free and fair'. (AllAfrica)

People Offer Bribes to Members of Swaziland's House of Assembly for Seat On Kingdom's Senate

[Swazi Media] Credible evidence is emerging that people are offering bribes to members of the House of Assembly to be given a seat on the Swaziland Senate. (AllAfrica)

Eswatini Elections and the Tomfoolery of Observer Missions

[Daily Maverick] The recently concluded national elections in the small country of eSwatini, formerly called Swaziland, has once again forced us to re-examine the purpose of an election in an absolute monarchy. More specifically, it requires of us to ask hard questions about the continued flocking of observer missions to observe an election routinely declared not credible. (AllAfrica)

Swaziland Court Forces Teachers to Postpone Strike, Bans Public Servants' Action

[Swazi Media] The Swaziland Industrial Court has forced teachers to postpone a strike planned to start on Tuesday and banned outright one by public service workers. (AllAfrica)

Police Fire Gunshots as Voters Protest During Election

[Swazi Media] Police fired gunshots in the air and grenades and rubber bullets during Swaziland's election as voters protested against completed ballot papers being taken away from a polling centre. (AllAfrica)

'A Safe Space Is Where I Don't Feel Judged'

[UNFPA] Motshane, Eswatini -As the world experiences climate change, deepened social and economic inequalities, and political and humanitarian crises, young people often face circumstances in which they lack safe spaces. (AllAfrica)

Polls Open in Eswatini, Where King Has Absolute Rule

[Deutsche Welle] A country with no political parties and an absolute monarch, critics have called eSwatini's elections a sham. Authorities claim the polls "preserve its very rich cultures and traditions." (AllAfrica)

Police Turn Swaziland City Into 'Warzone' As National Strike Enters Second Day

[Swazi Media] Police in Swaziland turned the city of Manzini into a 'battlefield' and a 'warzone' on the second day of the national strike in the kingdom. (AllAfrica)

Widespread Condemnation of Swaziland Police Brutal Attacks On Workers

[Swazi Media] Condemnation of the Swaziland police's brutal attack on protesting workers is growing. (AllAfrica)

Police Filmed Attacking Workers During Protest

[Swazi Media] Police officers in Swaziland have been captured on video viciously attacking defenceless workers on the street in Manzini during a legal protest over pay. (AllAfrica)

Election Observer Group From African Union to Examine Level of Political Rights in Swaziland

[Swazi Media] The African Union (AU) says it will investigate the level of political rights people have in Swaziland as part of its mission to observe the kingdom's national election. (AllAfrica)

Low Poll Turnout Expected As Ordinary People Support Change

[Swazi Media] Swaziland could be heading for the lowest election turnout in its modern history on Friday (21 September 2018). (AllAfrica)

African Union Deploys Short-Term Election Observers to Eswatini's 2018 General Elections

[African Union] Following an invitation from the Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission His Excellency Moussa Faki Mahamat, has authorized the deployment of an African Union Short-Term Election Observation Mission to the Kingdom of Eswatini's General Elections scheduled for 21 September 2018. (AllAfrica)

Women in Swaziland Still Have Long Way to Go to Achieve Equality, Reports Suggest

[Swazi Media] Women's rights continue to be 'a challenging issue' in Swaziland, a report just published by Afrobarometer states. (AllAfrica)

Six Children Die in Swaziland in Diarrhoea Outbreak. Vaccines Short Since Government Has Not Paid Suppliers

[Swazi Media] At least six children in Swaziland died this week from diarrhoea and many more are sick because the government is broke and cannot pay for vaccines. (AllAfrica)

'Mentally Challenged' Man in Swaziland Jailed 10 Months for Stealing Bottles of Alcohol

[Swazi Media] A man described as 'mentally challenged' was jailed for ten months in Swaziland for stealing alcohol from a bottle store after it had closed for the night. (AllAfrica)

Low Turnout At Election Fuels Doubts About Support for Absolute Monarchy

[Swazi Media] Fewer than one in three people who registered to vote actually did so in the first round of Swaziland's national election, an analysis of poll data reveals. (AllAfrica)

Tunisia Punish Error-Prone Swaziland

[CAF] Visiting Tunisia punished error prone Swaziland with two first half goals to bag the three vital points from the Group J played at Mavuso Sports Centre in Manzini on Sunday afternoon. (AllAfrica)

Media Freedom Group Calls On SADC to Investigate Swaziland for 'State-Sponsored' Attacks On Journalists

[Swazi Media] A media rights group is calling on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to investigate Swaziland after a series of 'state-sponsored violations against journalists'. (AllAfrica)

Now It's eSwatini - What's in a Name Change?

[Deutsche Welle] On Thursday, the former Swaziland marks 50 years of independence. To celebrate, King Mswati III renamed the country eSwatini. The move is part of an attempt to break with the colonial past, but not everyone is happy. (AllAfrica)

Eswatini Tests the Limits of Its Absolute Monarchy

[ISS] The nation formerly known as Swaziland - it is now eSwatini, although there is some debate about this - is one of the few remaining absolute monarchies in the world, and the only one in Africa. (AllAfrica)

Independent Observation Group Says Election 'Free and Fair' but Identifies Many Shortcomings

[Swazi Media] The Coordinating Assembly of NGOs (CANGO) which led 10 local groups as an Elections Network to observe the first round of Swaziland's election found a list of shortcomings including voter bribery, illegal voting, late opening of polling stations, poor IT facilities and drunkenness. (AllAfrica)

Hundreds Rendered Homeless After Eswatini Evictions

[CAJ News] Mbabane -HUNDREDS of people have been left homeless and pushed deeper into poverty after forced evictions in Eswatini, formerly Swaziland. (AllAfrica)

Police Beat-Up Journalist Photographing Them Attacking, Shooting At Textile Workers

[Swazi Media] Police in Swaziland beat up a journalist and demanded he delete photographs he took of them attacking and shooting at striking textile workers. (AllAfrica)

Swaziland Election Officer Reveals MPs Sell Their Votes When Electing Kingdom's Senators

[Swazi Media] A senior election official in Swaziland said corrupt members of the House of Assembly were selling their votes when they elect the kingdom's senators. (AllAfrica)

Swaziland Police Fire Gunshots During Textiles Dispute, Third Attack On Workers in a Week

[Swazi Media] Swaziland police fired several gunshot blasts while textile workers, mostly women, protested about poor pay. It was the third police attack on workers in a week and one of many in recent times. (AllAfrica)

Polling Station Riot and Fresh Accusations of Vote-Rigging Reported At Swaziland Election

[Swazi Media] More accusations of vote-rigging and illegal practice during the first round of Swaziland's election are emerging with calls for some votes to be re-run. (AllAfrica)