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Why Is Chad Part of Trump's Travel Ban?

[ISS] Since taking office in January, United States (US) President Donald Trump has made more than his fair share of inexplicable decisions. But the inclusion of Chad in the latest revision of his infamous travel ban may just be the most inexplicable of the lot. (AllAfrica)

'We Lose Entire Communities in the Blink of an Eye and People Do Not Seem to Look'

[African Arguments] The crisis in Lake Chad Basin is one of the most desperate, and neglected, in the world. (AllAfrica)

Key U.S. Ally Chad Baffled by Travel Ban Inclusion

[VOA] Chad's appearance on a new U.S. government list of countries subject to travel restrictions has the central African country bewildered. (AllAfrica)

Trump's Muslim Ban Revision Risks More Suffering

[Shabelle] Following a revision of President Trump's travel ban to now include restrictions on travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen, Naureen Shah, senior campaigns director for Amnesty International USA, released the following statement: (AllAfrica)

Trump Adds Chad to U.S. Travel Ban, Lifts Restrictions on Sudan

[allAfrica] Cape Town -President Donald Trump has included Chad in a new list of countries whose citizens are prohibited from entering the United States. But the ban placed on Sudanese travellers earlier this year has been ended. (AllAfrica)

President Debby of Chad Received Message From President Bashir

[SNA] Ndjamena -President Idris Debby on Monday received a verbal message from his Sudanese counterpart, President Omar Bashir dealing with bilateral relations and ways of developing cooperation between the two sides. (AllAfrica)

Chad Committed to a Secure Border With Sudan

[Radio Dabanga] N'djamena -Chad remains committed to maintain security on the border with Sudan through the joint Sudan-Chad forces. (AllAfrica)

Chad Welcomes President Al-Bashir's Remarks On Sudan-Chad Borders

[SNA] Ndjamena -Chad has welcomed remarks made by President of the Republic, Field Marshal while he was addressing mass rallies during his recent visit West and South Darfur States in which he stressed that joint Sudanese-Chadian borderline should be a place for exchange of benefits between the two brotherly people and not a crossing for u8nruly groups. (AllAfrica)

Trump Signs Proclamation Restricting Travel From 8 Countries

[State Department] "Our government's first duty is to its people, to our citizens -- to serve their needs, to ensure their safety, to preserve their rights, and to defend their values." -- President Donald J. Trump (AllAfrica)

President Assistant Travels to Chad

[SNA] Khartoum -The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Ibrahim Mahmoud, left Khartoum evening Friday heading for Chad. Mahmoud is accompanied by a high level delegation from the ruling National Congress party and a number of businessmen. (AllAfrica)

UN Report Falls Short On Humanitarian Crisis Around Lake Chad

[IPS] Stockholm, Sweden -It is encouraging to see that the United Nations Security Council is beginning to acknowledge the transboundary dimensions of fragility and conflict, as demonstrated by its newly launched Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in the Lake Chad Basin region. The report, which was presented in the Security Council on 13 September 2017, emphasizes the need for regional responses and enhanced cooperation of different UN and humanitarian agencies as an important step to addressing the unfolding humani (AllAfrica)

Al Bashir in Darfur - Sudan-Chad Border 'A Model of Security'

[Radio Dabanga] El Geneina / Foro Baranga -Sudan's President Omar Al Bashir says that the border between Sudan and Chad is no longer a conduit for illegal weapons, stolen vehicles, and armed rebel groups, but "a model for establishing security" thanks to the joint Sudan-Chad border force. (AllAfrica)

Fights Over Water Worsening Lake Chad Conflict

[CAJ News] Maiduguri -REPEATED conflicts among nationals of different countries over control of the remaining water in the drying Lake Chad are worsening insecurity in the terror-prone region. (AllAfrica)

Stronger Peacebuilding Efforts Needed to Tackle Boko Haram

[UN News] While the efforts of the Governments in Africa's Lake Chad Basin have diminished Boko Haram's combat capacity in the region, the terrorist group has changed its tactics, increasing the use of suicide attacks, the top United Nations political official reported to the Security Council today. (AllAfrica)

In Backing Chad, the West Faces Moral Hazards

[ICG] The West sees Chad as a reliable ally in the fight against extremists in the African Sahel. But it needs to take more care. Chad is breaking prior agreements by spending much of its oil revenue on the military, while social services and good governance have suffered. (AllAfrica)

Khartoum Denies Closing Libya, Chad, South Sudan Borders

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs has denied reports about the closure of the borders with three neighbouring countries. (AllAfrica)

From Refugee Hotspot to Promised Land, Chad's Bet At the Paris Roundtable

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Chad needs commitments in its fight against poverty, strengthening resilience of its communities and ensuring long-term stability (AllAfrica)

Senior Delegation Holds Talks With Chad President

[Shabait] Asmara -Senior Eritrean delegation comprising Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Yemane Gebreab, head of PFDJ Political Affairs, met and held talks with President Idris Deby of Chad. The senior delegation delivered a letter from President Isaias Afwerki to President Idris Deby focusing on regional, continental and international developments, particularly the need to reform the African Union. (AllAfrica)

Deadly Malnutrition Soars Among Children in Lake Chad Amid Boko Haram Resurgence

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -The number of children suffering from life-threatening malnutrition across the Lake Chad Basin - about 800,000 - has soared since last year, and could spiral further as Boko Haram ramps up attacks in the region, an aid agency said on Tuesday. (AllAfrica)

Elections Still a Weak Spot in Central Africa

[Africa Renewal] The special representative of the Secretary-General and head of the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA), Franšois LouncÚny Fall, appeared before the UN Security Council in June to brief it on the situation in the Central African region. (AllAfrica)

To Be or Not to Be Chadian? Fleeing Central Africans Defy Traditional Ideas of Nationality

[RFI] For Idrissa Haroum, the decision was pure and simple he wants to live where he is accepted. The 55-year-old Muslim from the Central African Republic says that he was called a Chadian in his own country. He now owns that moniker, and has the birth certificate to prove it. (AllAfrica)

UN Aid Chief Allocates U.S.$45 Million to Tackle Neglected Emergencies in Four Countries

[UN News] The United Nations aid chief released today $45 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to four countries "struggling in crises away from the headlines" - Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Chad and Sudan - where more than 21 million people need urgent humanitarian assistance. (AllAfrica)

Chadian PM Concludes Visit to Country

[SNA] Khartoum -The Chadian Prime Minister, Albert Pahimi PadackÚ, has concluded his three days official visit to the country, during which he met with the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al -Bashir at the guests house, and the first vice president of the republic, the National Prime Minister, General, Bakri Hassan Salih at the council of ministers. (AllAfrica)

Chadian PM Praises Visit to Sudan

[SNA] Khartoum -The Chadian Prime Minister, Albert Pahimi PadackÚ, has praised his visit to the Sudan, stressing that the visit has achieved its goals, noting that the visit comes in context of the friendship and good neighborhood relations between the Sudan and Chad that gains concern from the leaderships of the two countries, President Omer Al Bashir and Idriss Debbi. (AllAfrica)

VP - Sudanese Chadian Relations Are Strategic

[SNA] Khartoum -The Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman has described the Sudanese-Chadian bilateral relations as strategic, referring that the visit of the Chadian Prime Minister to Sudan comes in the context of strengthening the strategic relations and widening the economic interests between Sudan and Chad. (AllAfrica)

Chadian PM Visits Number of Factories, Expresses Desire to Transfer Sudan's Experiences

[SNA] Khartoum -The Chadian prime minister, informed during a tour on the country's industrial capabilities. (AllAfrica)

Chadian PM Visits Amipharma Drugs Factory and Zadna Farms

[SNA] Khartoum -The Chadian Prime Minister, Albert Pahimi PadackÚ, and the accompanying delegation have visited, Tuesday , the Amipharam Factory for Drugs Manufacturing , in Bahri area (north Khartoum), accompanied by the Vice President of the republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman and the Federal Health Minister, Bahar Iddris Abu-Garda. (AllAfrica)

Sudan, Chad Agree to Continue Dialogue On Joint Issues

[SNA] Khartoum -Sudan and Chad have agreed to continue dialogue on the common issues between the two countries, especially the security, economic and political issues for boosting joint cooperation between them. (AllAfrica)

Bakri Discusses With Chadian PM Enhancing Cooperation Between Two Countries

[SNA] Khartoum -The First Vice President of the Republic, the National Prime Minister, General, Bakri Hassan Salih, discussed, Monday, with the visiting Chadian Prime Minister, Pahimi PadackÚ, the bilateral relations and ways for enhancing them further for the interest of the two countries, and pushing forward prospects for cooperation between them. (AllAfrica)

Al-Bahir Affirms Sudan-Chad Strong, Eternal Relations

[SNA] Khartoum -The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al -Bashir, has affirmed the eternal and strong relations between the Sudan and Chad on both the official and popular levels, and the Sudan's keenness to promote them in all domains. (AllAfrica)

Prime Minister of Chad Arrived in the Country

[SNA] Khartoum -The Chadian Premier, Albert Pahimi PadackÚ arrived here Monday, on a three-day visit during which he will hold talks with the government officials on enhancement of eternal relations between Sudan and Chad. (AllAfrica)