Biography of Prince Eyango

Ndedi Eyango, known for his stage name Prince Eyango, is a musician from Cameroon. In the 80's and early 90's he was based in Cameroon but recorded his first five albums in France. Eyango sings both in French and in English. His biggest hit, "You Must Calculate", was released in 1987. The same year he was awarded "best artist of the year" by Minister of Culture of Cameroon . Eyango moved to United States in 1993, where he has been based since. He has also been a producer and owns a company, Preya Music(Longue longue,Jacky Kingue,Tanus Foe,Marcel Bwanga,Ndema System,Papa Zoe) and much more. Eyango has toured in Africa, Europe and North America . In 2000, he was nominated for World music category at LA Weekly Music Awards . Eyango founder and leader of his Les Montagnards band.

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