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Country : South Africa

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Boyoyo Boys(2)  -  Busi Mhlongo(4)[text][video]  -  Condry Ziqubu(4)[text]  -  Johnny Clegg(9)[text][video]  -  Juluka(11)[text][video]  -  Mahlathini(11)[text][video]  -  Mahotella Queens(16)[text][video]  -  Mzikayifani Buthelezi(1)  -  Rozalla(6)[text][video]  -  Savuka(5)[text][video]  -  The Mthembu Queens(1)  -  

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African Solution(1)  -  

News : Mbaqanga artists and groups

[The Conversation Africa] There is a persistent narrative in South Africa of famous, bestselling musicians "dying as paupers". A prime example is Mahlathini, the lead vocalist who performed with the Mahotella Queens, a 1960s mbaqanga group that attracted global recognition.
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