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Femi One Names Her Kenyan Rap Icon and Being A Female In The Rap Industry
Fast Rising Female Rapper Speaks On Her Future, Rappers She Looked Upto and Signing For Kaka Empire.
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Prince Kayne. He - Goodbye.
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Mabla 10, Sekuru Zvambu at night club with Monica Sele Mama Matofotofo
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sometimes in love, you love someone so much but you are never really too sure that they love you back in equal measure #TheFearOfLove H_art the Band - Love Phobic (C) Penya Africa 2014 Directed ...
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One on One with Rabbit - Kaka Sungura
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Femi One: "Am Dope Than Other Female Rappers In The 254"
Fast Rising Femcee Speaks On The Current Crop Of Female Rappers.
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Islam Is A Peaceful Religion And Not About Jihad
Be On The Look Out, Criminals Are Using Islam To Taint Muslims,As They Kill Innocent People.
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King Kaka - Promised Land ft Amos & Josh (Official Music Video HD)
Promised Land performed by King Kaka ft Amos & Josh Produced By Cedo at Pacho Studios Written By Kennedy Tarriq Ombima, Amos & Josh Video by Tattuah Films Ltd Special Thanks to the Kenya...
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Amos And Josh, Rabbit Perform Baadaye @ Garissa Memorial Concert.
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Kagwe Mungai: "Kenyan Artists Do Not Get Much Love,"
Popular Musician Shares His Thoughts On The Kenyan Music Industry.
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Femi One Explains How She Got Signed To Kaka Empire & Working With Rabbit.
Fast Rising Femcee Shares Her Journey To Rap Music.
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Кролик Шанти хозяйничает дома. Rabbit Shanti
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Кролик Шанти гуляет. Rabbit Shanti
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Pengaudzoke Mandivavarira
Daiton Somanje is no more. A truly talented musician, rest well brother. Whenever we listen to your works, we will be reminded that we had something special. This is the title track of an album...
From: Musimboti
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Pengaudzoke Kushaya Mari
I have learnt of the untimely passing away of Daiton Somanje today. Those who follow my channel know that I am a big fan of Pengaudzoke. When the Somanje brothers went separate ways after ...
From: Musimboti
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Crazy Mwanafunzi - Unspoken Poetry
"Tutaonana Baadaye" Originally performed by the Talented Kenyan Artistes; Amos & Josh featuring Rabbit, simply when translated from Kiswahili means, we shall see each other later.
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Calvo Mistari's Album "Mwanaume Ni Effort" Now Available on ITunes, Google Play & “Wewe ni zaidi ya pesa ‎‎, Sikulinganishi na chochote…” Mpendwa aki kuapia matamu...
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Winky D - Vashakabvu (Official Video)
From: zim music
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ChitChat with Amos and Josh
This was a fun chat we had with the duo Amos and Josh.Watch to learn more about them and their music. Connect with them on Facebook (Amos and Josh) Twitter (@amosandjosh) , Instagram ...
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Synopsis | Juma And Little Sungura By Lisa Maria Burgess
THE SYNOPSIS OF YOUR FAVORITE BOOK =--- Where to buy this book? ISBN: 9781939604026 Book Synopsis of Juma and Little Sungura by Lisa Maria Burgess If you...
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Nhamo - The Four Brothers
A great tune from the legends of Sungura-Jit Marshall Munhumumwe's The Four Brothers, from their 1989 album Bros.
From: JimHxn
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400 African Guitar Tutorial - Rhythm Intro 1
the video is about an african rhythm intro, how to start a song, museve, sungura, jit, african guitar,rhythm.
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Mufakose Express Kumadokero
Mufakose Express Kumadokero. Many thanks to @Nyamutatanga Makombe Muchauya rinhi kuzonditorawo Ndafunga ko kumatenga ka Baba Muchauya rinhi kuzonditora baba imi Ndafunga ko ...
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Stolen Rhymes - Mistake[YGB-Kenya] ft SV (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
YGB -Kenya performing Stolen Rhymes Directed by Johnson Kyalo & Edward Martins
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