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A woman peers out from behind her gate to watch the festivities for a marriage ceremony. (0245a)

Leg & Ground

A plastic chair meets the hard rock ground in Conakry, Guinea. (6985a)

Street Scene

A random street scene in Conakry. Shortly after I took this photo the kids and an adult assembled and got me to take their photo. (6730b)

After School

A young boy walks home after school. (6685b)

Goura victoria -- Victoria Crowned Pigeon from New Guinea 0413

In the Miami Zoo aviary.

Nice mirror

Papua New Guinea - Raja Ampat

In the middle of the ocean

Papua New Guinea - Raja Ampat

Looks like paradise

Papua New Guinea - Raja Ampat

Black Panther Cast Touches a Chameleon, a Guinea Pig, and Other Weird Stuff | Fear Box | Vanity Fair

In this episode of Fear Box, Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman (who plays T’Challa) and Danai Gurira (who plays Okoye) reach into a box and touch weird stuff like a panther chameleon, a pacman frog, grapes, chicks, a guinea pig, a toy rhino, a plush black panther, and a Black Panther...


A creative sign at a bakery. (6740a)

Pipe and Square Window

A wall and a pipe connected to the ground. (6705a)

Les plaines

An aesthetically pleasing wall and a small rock. (6825a)

Baby Cuy

By. Sabbath posted a photo:

Baby Cuy


These kids are hilarious. Each one has a different facial expression. (3455a)


Family of Capybara at Chester Zoo, UK. The little baby one stayed pretty close to mum - adorable little fella x Caybara are the largest living rodents, and are related to guinea pigs and also distantly to the agouti. They are native to South America.
Feb 2018

Don't ya wish your chicken was hot like me...

Guinea fowl

Masked lapwing, Vanellus miles

papua New Guinea is a birder's paradise.


Every afternoon during drumming lessons I watched this wall take on a warm glow as the sun moved lower in the sky. Eventually I decided to use it as the backdrop for many of the portraits in this photostream. (3550a)


Flowers and shadows help enliven an austere wall. (6190a)

Research Conference on PNG Multipurpose National Forest Inventory

Photo credit: ©FAO/Andrey Kushlin

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