Afrigo Band

Origin : Uganda
Instrument :
Styles :

Afrigo Band : discography

Afrigo Band - Afrigo Batuuse II album cover Album : Afrigo Batuuse II
Afrigo Band - Julie album cover Album : Julie
Afrigo Band - Mp'eddembe album cover Album : Mp'eddembe
Afrigo Band - Nantongo album cover Album : Nantongo
Afrigo Band - Vincent album cover Album : Vincent

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News about Afrigo Band

[Observer] Heather Nanteza Lundsteen recently had another opportunity to perform at Shiny Star Valby in Copenhagen, Denmark, as Afrigo band held a live music performance there to celebrate Uganda's 55th Independence anniversary.
Source : AllAfrica | 2017-10-27 08:53:41.0
[Monitor] While the recently concluded Uganda Festival in Las Vegas is still fresh in all minds of revelers and guests from Diaspora, thanks to electrifying performances from a host of musicians, another festival is already in the offing just months away.
Source : AllAfrica | 2017-10-13 07:50:43.0