Biography of Juma Nature

Juma Nature a.k. a Sir Nature (born Juma Kassim Ally, in 1980) is a Tanzanian hip hop artist and a singer. He is the founder and member of a Temeke group called Wanaume, an informal group of rappers from the poor side of Dar es Salaam. Nature is one of the best, well known and most creative artists in the Bongo Flava Swahili hip hop genre, not only is he a great composer and uniquely talented rap artist but also gifted with a soulful and touching voice. In his newest album, "Bongo Flava: Swahili Rap from Tanzania", many of the lyrics which are in his tracks include current problems within his country. Some problems he raps about include, "HIV/AIDS, the difficulty of meeting basic needs, class and wealth barriers, and holding your head high despite everything" . One of Nature's well renowned songs is "Umoja wa Tanzania" which talks about a celebration within Tanzania and the sense of unity that it has exemplified . “Utajiju” (“it’s up to you”) from Juma Nature's brand new album Ubin-Adam Kazi, is a song about people who like to poke their noses into others’ business . The other main reason for his popularity throughout East Africa is of course the topics of his songs, which deal with real and pertinent issues to the majority of local people . “Umoja wa Watanzania” from his 2004 album Ugali, for example, pleads for peaceful resolution to political misunderstandings between two rival parties, the ruling CCM and CUF, reminding people of what could be the outcome of a political crisis. Wanaume Family is a unit of different artists namely Juma Nature, Wachuja Nafaka, GWM / Gangsters with Matatizo (Problems), Wangoto Family, and Gangwe Mobb. Wanaume Family developed with the aim of sharing ideas on how to use Swahili hip hop positively, national and international promotion and using their unity as a means of helping other upcoming artists. The sense of their togetherness is often seen in their performances with their creative one line “mapanga Shwaaa! Shwaaaa!” dance which drives fans to a near frenzy. And their unique dancing style, that of kicking high and jumping up and down and doing the neck dance, is simply breathtaking. No wonder they now get invited to perform in front of elite audiences. The Wanaume Family group split in November 2006. Nature put together a new group under the name of Wanaume Halisi, featuring Luteni Kalama, Dollo, Richie One, Bob Q, BK, D Chief, A Man, Kakaman, Maripo, Mzimu, Eddo and Inspekta Haroun.

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