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Unburnable by Marie Elena-John

Antiguan-born, Marie Elena-John weaves together West Indian history, African culture, and American sensibilities in her debut novel, "Unburnable."

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Kenya: Local Arbitrators Chapter Publishes Scholarly Journal

[Capital FM] Nairobi -- The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Kenya Branch) has announced the publishing of the first edition of the Alternative Dispute Resolution journal for the year 2021. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Book Review | an Anti-Capitalist Utopia

[New Frame] Kim Stanley Robinson's The Ministry for the Future explores a path away from the deadly realities of capitalism, with worldwide peoples' movements leading the charge to salvation. (AllAfrica)

Seychelles: Cook & Share Recipe Book Is a Mixture of Food Cultures From a Seychellois in Switzerland

[Seychelles News Agency] 'Cook & Share,' a new gastronomy book by a Seychellois living in Silvaplana, Switzerland is inspired by recipes shared on a Facebook page with the same name. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: New Books | the Life and Times of a Black Wobbly

[New Frame] As an organiser and orator for the Industrial Workers of the World - historically, America's most radically inclusive union - Ben Fletcher was a working-class hero in his time. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Big Pharma, Dirty Lies, Busy Bees and Eco-Activists May Be One of the Most Important SA Books Published in 2020

[Daily Maverick] David Bristow's latest volume begins with a warning to conspiracy theorists, creationists and climate-change denialists who learn all they know from TV and social media: This is not for you. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Mohair - a Fibre Named Desire

[Daily Maverick] 'It starts with the land and the rain.' It starts with a goat that travelled from Turkey to South Africa, back in the 19th century. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: Haddis Alemayehu and Dagnachew Workuethiopian Short Stories in English - the Great Pioneers

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian literature has been characterized for many centuries by the unchallenged sway Ge'ez or the language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church held over all aspects of intellectual life including literature. Ge'ez literature largely dealt with the lives and miracles of saints and angels and largely consisted of church chronicles, so to say. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Helena Kriel On What Sparked the Writing of Her Book, 'Meditating With Rhinos'

[Daily Maverick] South African playwright and screenwriter Helena Kriel found success in the hills of Hollywood - until her world fell apart. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: New Books | Archie Mafeje's Political Thought

[New Frame] Bongani Nyoka grapples with the renowned South African scholar's engagement with African archives in an effort to begin the process of decolonising knowledge. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: 10 Things Nigerians Should Expect in 2021

[Daily Trust] The year 2020 has come and gone with its challenges which include the coronavirus pandemic, banditry, kidnapping, terrorism and several other depressing episodes, and of course some spirit-lifting events. Here, Daily Trust on Sunday gives a list of what to expect this New Year. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Here Are the Top 20 Books Kenyans Read in 2020

[Nairobi News] The side-effects of Covid-19 pushed Kenyans into reading, according to Text Book Centre (TBC), a leading bookstore in Nairobi. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Dorah Sitole 1953-2021 - a Brilliant Career Culminated in an Iconic Work

[Daily Maverick] The great South African food writer, author and editor Dorah Sitole died in a Johannesburg hospital on Sunday of Covid-19 complications, her family and publisher confirmed. Sitole had just entered what she had called her encore years which, sadly, turned out to be short lived. But her final work deserves to last for decades to come. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Liberian Journalist, Fatoumata Fofana, Publishes Debut Novel

[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -- A former editor of the Daily Observer newspaper, Fatoumata Fofana, has published her first novel, entitled SADJIO. Published by New York-based Adelaide Books, this novel traces the life of a young girl growing up in a conservative family. Its main character, Sadjio, was a relentless soul, a girl determined to defy all odds to achieve her dreams regardless of what others said, thought, or did. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: New Books | Revolution At Point Zero

[New Frame] Silvia Federici explores how in fighting for their rights, migrant domestic workers circulate practices that influence feminist politics and foster cosmopolitanism. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Book Review | the Vanishing Half

[New Frame] Brit Bennett's latest novel explores the lives of two Black women who go to great lengths to deny their roots and legacy, and the harm this causes to themselves and those around them. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Nairobi International Book Fair to Be Held Virtually

[Nation] Sorry booklover, your favourite annual book event will be held virtually this year. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Yusufu Bala Usman Institute Publishes Three Books for Bala Usman's 15th Memorial Anniversary

[This Day] The Yusufu Bala Usman Institute is commemorating the 15 th Memorial Anniversary of this noted historian and committed patriot by celebrating his life and his brilliant intellectual work as contained in three of his most important books which are being presented to the public in new editions. The ideas contained in these works are, if possible, even more relevant today than when they were first written, and they comprise an invaluable legacy for present and future generations. (AllAfrica)

Africa: New Books | a People's History of Tennis

[New Frame] David Berry delves into the hidden history of the struggles around gender, race and class experienced by those wanting to play - and transform - the sport. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Student Entrepreneur's Digital Library Helps Children to Read

[UCT] Competing in the 2020 Entrepreneurship Intervarsity competition, University of Cape Town (UCT) student Qhawe Bula and his team have developed a unique digital library comprising a series of read-along children's audiobooks written in South Africa's 11 official languages. This in an effort to change the way young children view literature and language, and to encourage a culture of reading. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Ex-Liberian Foreign Minister Launches New Book

[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -- Former Liberian Foreign Affairs Minister has underscored the need for the promotion of literacy among citizens, particularly students at the primary level, to ensure the speedy progress of the Liberian society. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Booker Prize-Nominated Author Dangarembga Bemoans Low Reading Culture

[263Chat] The environment and reading culture in Zimbabwe is not firm enough to support professional fiction writers with the declining standard of education in the country dealing a heavy blow on both writers and readers, Booker Prize-shortlisted writer, Tsitsi Dangarembga has bemoaned. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Remembering Nobel Winner Toni Morrison

[Nation] August 5, 2020 marked the first anniversary of the death of the great American Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, editor, essayist and university literature professor Toni Morrison. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Intellectuals Must Strive to Redefine African Literature

[Nation] Since the colonial times, the question of what really constitutes literature that can be collectively referred to as "African Literature" has often been problematic, raising more questions than answers. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Remembering Achmat Dangor, the South African Novelist Who Redefined Identity

[The Conversation Africa] In his 71 years, Achmat Dangor was many things to many people, both in South Africa and across the world. He was a lifelong activist and social justice advocate. He was once banned for his political activities in resistance to apartheid. He was a cultural leader at the centre of the Congress of South African Writers, a tireless development organiser and, for six years, the chief executive of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. For me, he was above all an extraordinary novelist and poet who expanded how I think. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Why Ngugi Should Have Rejected Catalonia Prize

[Nation] Immediately after Kenya's foremost writer, scholar, translator and essayist - Ngugi wa Thiong'o - gave an acceptance speech (in Gikuyu), after being honoured as the 31st recipient of the Catalonia International Prize, for his daring and distinguished literary work and defence of African languages on Thursday 3, 2020, his son, Dr Mukoma wa Ngugi tweeted: "Baba just gave his International Catalonia Lit Prize acceptance speech in Gikuyu! And before the anti-African language corner says anything, would yo (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Tsitsi Dangarembga Shortlisted for the 2020 Booker Prize

[263Chat] Internationally-acclaimed and award-winning novelist and filmmaker Tsitsi Dangarembga has been shortlisted for the 2020 Booker Prize for Fiction for her latest literary work, The Mournable Body. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: The World's First Illustrated Christian Bible Is in Ethiopia, and Was Handwritten in a Day

[Ethiopian Herald] If you are to ever make it to the Abuna Garima Monastery in Ethiopia's Tigrai Highlands, you would find a book that is highly revered by local monks and believed to be one of the Christian world's oldest and most exquisite treasures. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: New Books | Rock, Water, Life

[New Frame] Interweaving her personal story with the country's history of dispossession, Lesley Green interrogates the connection between ecology and economy. (AllAfrica)

East Africa: Noir Books Depict East African Cities

[New Frame] Two new short-story collections explore the darkness, disorder and chaos of Nairobi and Addis Ababa, as writers attempt to portray the haunting underbelly of those vibrant cities. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Lauren Beukes On What Comes After Catastrophe

[New Frame] The South African writer's timely new novel, Afterland, is not the story of a global pandemic. It's about what happens afterwards. (AllAfrica)

Africa: The Ties That Bind India and Africa Through Fabric

[AfricaFocus] The new book Common Threads (along with an accompanying video, both open access), explores the ties that bind India and Africa through the material medium of cloth, from antiquity to the present. Cloth made in India has been sold across African markets for millennia, by Indian, African, and European traders. ... Most significantly, it highlights the role of African consumers in defining the evolution of these genres of fabric, and the centrality of people-to-people connections in sustaining the continued c (AllAfrica)

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