Help : the FAQ

How can I purchase Cd's from you ?

Sorry, we do not sell any CD's. We have tried to reference most of the CD's on (France) and (US), were you can buy them.

If you don't find any thing on these sites, you can :

  • have a look on the e-commerce section of the site 
  • try to search directly the CD or Video on Google (hint : enter the CD or DVD title)


I want to get in touch with < my favourite artist >

Sorry, we don't know how to contact this artist

But here are some hints :
  1. search if this artist has a web site
  2. from his discography, try to get in touch thru a label who produced him
  3. try to search a contact on the IRMA Site (in French) :
  4. try to search a contact on the Francophonie Diffusion web site (in french) :

The forum

If you have any other question, you can ask our community on the afromix forum.