Gambia : Music

Flag Gambia
Tel 220
Capital Banjul
Area 11 300 sq km

Artists or Bands

Alhaji Bai Konte(1)  -  Alhaji Papa Susso(1)[video]  -  Born Africans(1)  -  Bubacar Jammeh(1)  -  Chow Panachie(1)  -  Da Fugitivz(1)  -  Da Surgicalz(1)  -  Dancehall Masters(2)  -  Dembo Konte(1)  -  Foday Musa Suso(7)[text]  -  Freaky Joe aka Sing'A'Teh(1)[video]  -  Ifang Bondi(2)[text]  -  Jali Nyama Suso(1)[text]  -  Juldeh Camara(2)[video]  -  Kadiatou Sibi(0)  -  Kemba Sussoko(1)  -  King Kora(1)  -  Mame Balla(1)  -  Masla Bii(1)  -  Maslaa Bi(1)  -  Miki N'Doye(1)  -  Pencha B(1)  -  Poetic X(0)[video]  -  Sambou Suso(0)[video]  -  Seckou et Ramata(1)  -  Tata Dindin(2)  -  Yan Kuba Saho(0)[text]  -  

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Gambian music website


African drums, djembe, drumming holidays in Gambia, West Africa

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A place where Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, future Peace Corps Volunteers, and people simply interested in Senegal or the Gambia can go to get information on, reminisce about, see images or hear music from, and communicate with others about Senegal or the Gambia.

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