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Flag Trinidad and Tobago
Tel 1809
Area 5 128 sq km

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Ataklan(3)  -  Black Truth Rhythm Band(1)  -  Calypso Rose(4)[text]  -  King David(1)  -  Lord Kitchener(4)[text][video]  -  Marlon Asher(2)  -  Mighty Sparrow(11)[text]  -  Neville Marcano aka "The Growling Tiger"(2)  -  Othello Molineaux(1)  -  Queen Omega(4)  -  

Various Artists

Carnival Jump-Up(1)  -  Jump up ragga(1)  -  Trinidad(1)  -  

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triniscene-comTriniScene is your number one source for Party information in Trinidad and Tobago! When in Trinidad this is where you want to be, all the most recent Carnival, party news and of course photos are right here


Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and Cultural Center. Trinidad carnival: afri-caribbean resistance. what is not so well known is that this colourful festival also served as a medium for resistance to white domination, particularly when one considers that the ways in which the british imposed their authority and 'superiority' was [sometimes] much more sophisticated and subtle than the blatant thuggery that characterised north american racism.

panafricanfestival-orgA Pan-African Festival

The annual emancipation festival in Trinidad and Tobago, which commemorates the end of chattel slavery on August 1, 1838, has been described as a monumental pan-African festival . . . a true celebration of Africa outside of Africa . . . come to this multi-dimensional commemoration and find an inspirational experience beyond your imagination.

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