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African drums, djembe, drumming holidays in Gambia, West Africa

powerspercussion-comPowers Percussion

Free 'pdf' drum lessons, an interactive drumset, videos and more! Home to percussion artist/educator Mark Powers.

berkleeshares-comBerklee Shares: free music lessons

Free music lessons, mp3, QuickTime and pdf files from Berklee College of Music.

echarry-web-wesleyan-edu-jembearticleA Guide to the Jembe

The jembe is on the verge of achieving world status as a percussion instrument, rivaled in popularity perhaps only by the conga and steel pan.

drumsdatabase-com-handdrummingHand Drumming Lessons

DRUM BUM presents Over 500 drums links to FREE DRUM LESSONS, hand drum lessons, hand drumming, bongos, hand percussion, conga drums, bongo drums, congas, bongos, djembe, djembe drum, drum player,and Drum Tabs! - Music lessons are neatly organized for lesson plan and easy to use.

gambiangriot-comGambian Griot School of Music and Dance

At Gambian Griot you can learn to play kora, balaphone and drums. We also teach westafrican dance. The school is located in Serrekunda, The Gambia.


At this site you will find info and Arabic Music Scores Literally, 'ud means 'twig', 'flexible rod' or 'aromatic stick', and by inference 'piece of wood'. In Ibn Khaldun (14th century), 'ud denoted the plectrum of the lute called barbat. The etymology of the word has occasioned numerous commentaries, among them Farmer's alluring thesis that the Arabs adopted the term to differentiate the instrument, with its wooden sound-table, from the similar Persian barbat, whose belly is covered with skin.

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