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Links : Caribbean : Music, is a website designed to serve as a portal for an already existing trend-setting, multicultural, affluent Caribbean-American consumer, whose love for the Caribbean culture influences choices in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Launched in April 2007, this website attempts to chronicle the people, music, lifestyle, business and fashion within the Caribbean community in both the US and the Islands.


Download Dominican Soca, Dancehall, Zouk, Compa, Bouyon legally.


Getting you ready for, a Caribbean promotional company.

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lameca-orgMédiathèque Caraïbe

The rationale behind the Caribbean Multi-Media Library, brainchild of the General Council of Guadeloupe, is to connect all documentary resources about Caribbean basin countries by developing tools to identify, locate and even circulate documents. The Caribbean Media Library (Laméca) is the centrepiece of a resource centres network, the connection in charge of collecting, processing and redistributing Caribbean-related information and documents.

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