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After partnering with superstar Farruko for a new version of "Quiéreme," Jacob Forever dropped an all new music video for the reggaetón...
Source : | 2017-05-26 19:33:11.0
Right now, for two weeks running, the #1 hit in America is the Justin Bieber-assisted remix of "Despacito," Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's reggaeton hit. (Our own Chris DeVille wrote a great column about it.) The song was an international monster hit long before Bieber jumped on board, and the video for the all-Spanish version…
Source : | 2017-05-26 16:36:49.0
Framed by a hoodie, Bebe lends bubbly vocals to a tropical urban beat while fellow Spanish singer Rasel and Dominican-born, Puerto Rican-bred...
Source : | 2017-05-11 22:12:05.0
In Miami with a Spanish-language rapper who’s looking beyond reggaeton.
Source : | 2017-05-10 20:30:30.0
The brooding yet boisterous single will be released by Buenos Aires club night HiedraH Club de Baile.
Source : | 2017-05-09 19:19:35.0
Daddy Yankee feels streaming his music online has finally revealed a hidden reality about Latin artists' popularity.   The reggaeton icon, who this week reached the No. 4 spot in Billboard's Hot 100 with a new version of his and Luis Fonsi's megahit "Despacito'' featuring Justin Bieber, also saw it land on Spotify's No. 12 global hits and No. 2 on its Viral 50 chart, above songs by Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Bieber.   "I really feel very blessed to...
Source : | 2017-05-04 22:30:52.0
Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin was joined by Bad Bunny for a fiery performance at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards April 27 at the University...
Source : | 2017-04-28 09:02:14.0
Nicky Jam, the resilient reggaeton star who rose to stardom after a decade of silence battling drug addiction, was the big winner at the Billboard...
Source : | 2017-04-28 05:00:07.0
“I have always been a big fan of watches,” says Reggaeton star J Balvin, the 31-year-old Colombian rapper and Billboard cover star. ...
Source : | 2017-04-27 20:19:56.0
Songs that mix pop, reggaeton and urban flavors are topping the Billboard Latin Charts. Ozuna, Reik, Silvestre Dangond, Tostao and Wisin...
Source : | 2017-04-26 20:29:23.0
A rogue fan video of the band's April 17 show in Berkeley, Calif., shows Thom Yorke shaking his hips to the reggaeton hit.
Source : | 2017-04-25 18:42:00.0
When Juan Luis Londoño Arias was a thin but sporty high school sophomore in Medellín, Colombia, his dreams ran big and small. Getting a girl, playing...
Source : | 2017-04-20 20:11:09.0
Reggaetón superstars Nicky Jam and J Balvin are going head to head in the newly announced panel "Superstar Mano a Mano," where...
Source : | 2017-04-19 21:54:05.0
Reggaetón duo Zion y Lennox added a Latin twist to Ed Sheeran's chart-topping track "Shape of You," which dropped over the weekend...
Source : | 2017-03-20 20:33:04.0

The video for “Hey Ma,” a sort of cerberus of the Latin music industry consisting of three chart powerhouses, brings together Camila Cabello (the one Fifth Harmony person whose name you know, now no longer of Fifth Harmony), Pitbull (my father) and J Balvin (my son) for a lite pop-reggaeton jaunt through Cuba,…


Source : | 2017-03-10 21:55:00.0
Featuring urban superstar Farruko and up-and-coming reggaetón/trap artists like Ozuna and Noriel, Billboard announces "The Latin Trap Panel...
Source : | 2017-03-01 20:40:22.0
Miami was consumed with Univision’s Premios Lo Nuestro the week of February 24th. But in the Wynwood Design district, far from the reggaeton...
Source : | 2017-02-28 23:09:05.0
Don Omar is back! The reggaeton superstar surprised all his fans Friday (Feb. 3) by releasing the music video for his latest single "...
Source : | 2017-02-03 22:17:05.0
The wait is finally over! Nicky Jam dropped his anticipated album Fenix today (Jan. 20), packed with reggaetón anthems and suave lyrics. ...
Source : | 2017-01-20 19:29:55.0
His latest successes — which include a pair of No. 1 hits on the Billboard Latin songs chart — have come as part of reggaeton’s second global wave.
Source : International Herald Tribune | 2017-01-19 01:06:05.0
Nicky Jam kicked off 2016 with his chart-topping reggaetón anthem "Hasta el amenecer," while Deorro and Elvis Crespo had us dancing...
Source : | 2016-12-14 23:25:05.0
Daddy Yankee is hitting the road in 2017 for a month-long tour in Europe. The reggaetón superstar returns to the European continent two years after...
Source : | 2016-11-29 18:23:07.0
Reik's ballads have a knack for being turned into reggaetón/urban tracks -- and the latest proof is their collaboration with Nicky Jam...
Source : | 2016-11-12 00:33:08.0
A teenager dressed as Batman danced through the door as Reggaeton music thumped inside for a Halloween party in the ground-floor apartment of a Soviet-era housing project in Cuba's capital.
Source : | 2016-10-30 04:01:07.0
The Colombian artist’s video for “Ay vamos” is still killing it.
Source : | 2016-10-29 13:25:56.0
J Balvin's hit "Ginza" not only became a reggaeton anthem in 2015, but it also became one of the longest-reigning No. 1s on...
Source : | 2016-10-07 21:49:05.0
Reggaeton star Wisin announced Friday that his 1-month-old daughter Victoria had died.
Source : | 2016-09-30 22:37:42.0
Wisin announced his daughter Victoria's death on Friday
Source : | 2016-09-30 19:30:10.0

It’s no coincidence that Nicky Jam’s summer tour was titled “The Fenix Rises.”

The Puerto Rican reggeaton star has certainly risen in recent years, after his career took a nosedive in the early 2000s thanks to a public feud with his mentor Daddy Yankee and substance abuse issues. In 2007, Nicky Jam, once one of reggaeton’s most promising rising stars, moved to Colombia. There, he says, he found the fan base and confidence he needed to revive his career.

The Huffington Post caught up with Nicky Jam during the AT&T “Expresa Tu Pasión” concert in New York City on Sept. 13, and discussed the difference between Colombian and Puerto Rican reggaeton, the election and more. 

The #ExpresaTuPasion tour is about celebrating our roots during Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s particularly important to highlight all the positive things happening in the Latino community during an election season filled with hateful rhetoric against Latinos and immigrants. What are your thoughts on the candidate that’s best for Latinos? 

I’m voting for Clinton. Because anything that I see that’s bad for our people or anybody that talks bad about our people, I’d be scared to vote for them. Probably people will think that what I’m saying is wrong but I think that whoever talks bad about my race [Editor’s Note: Latino is an ethnicity, not a race] is not a person who I should vote for. So, I’m going for Clinton.

Anything that I see that’s bad for our people or anybody that talks bad about our people, I’d be scared to vote for them."

Back when your career took a turn for the worse, you moved to Medellín, Colombia to revive it. Why did you choose Colombia?

Because it was the place where I had work. All my old songs were like classics for them, so I had a place where I could survive and pay my bills. 

What surprised you about the people or the music scene? 

I found that they would listen to anything and they don’t have that mentality of old school, or nothing like that. Colombians, when they love an artist they love him whether you’re up or down. So why wouldn’t I stay in a place where they loved me when I was in my worse moment and they were saying I was a legend? I felt I was good, so I felt it was my home. I fell in love with the people, the culture. They made me feel like a Colombian.

Colombian reggaeton is certainly having its moment right now, with the rise of artists like J Balvín and Maluma. You’re Puerto Rican but you’ve clearly also been influenced by that Colombian sound. What do you think sets Colombian reggaeton apart?

I just think the music is more catchy, and the lyrics are more cotidianos (day-to-day). It talks about things that happen on a daily basis. Reggaeton from Puerto Rico is more about dancing music, reggaeton specifically. Now Puerto Ricans are starting to [focus more on lyrics], because they have the ability to do it.

I think it’s beautiful that every country puts a little [grain] of sand of their own to the music. So it’s awesome. 

You once told Billboard that one of the things you realized set you apart as a reggaeton artist was that you could sing. Can you elaborate on how your vocal skills shape your music?

I bring that to the table, because yea people were doing melody but not the way I’m doing it. You listen to a song by Nicky Jam and you don’t think about reggaeton, you just think, ‘I like that song.’ I got old people listening to my music, young people listening to my music... they don’t have that reggaeton thing, that taboo that there was back in the day. So I think that I’m doing a good job, that’s what I wanted to do. I’m happy. 

I’ve also noticed you’ve begun pushing the English versions of your hits “El Perdón” (”Forgiveness”) and “Hasta El Amanecer” (”With You Tonight”) on the air waves. What is your overall goal within the English market?  

I want to go into the English market, all the way. That’s my goal, English is the next thing.

And you collaborated on “El Perdón” with Enrique Iglesias, who might be the most successful crossover artist of all time. Has he given you some pointers as to how to straddle those two cultures? 

A lot, especially when it comes to switching the songs from Spanish to English. He told me: “You gotta be careful so they don’t lose the feeling and the lyrics. The way you express yourself.” But if you think about it that way too, you’ll probably be all scared. Just try to be you, people like that. People dig it. 

This interview was condensed for clarity. 

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Source : | 2016-09-19 19:28:13.0
The Colombian artist, 31, shared images via social media of the aircraft where it came down in bushes and thanked God for his survival.
Source : | 2016-08-27 22:43:52.0
This is so scary, but it is SO good to know J Balvin is OK! The reggaeton star was departing the Bahamas on Friday afternoon in a small, private plane when some kind of malfunction occurred and the aircraft went down just after taking off. Related: Lost Boaters Rescued After Writing 'SOS' On Deserted Island! Luckily, Balvin [...]
Source : | 2016-08-27 18:57:21.0
Reggaeton star J Balvin is lucky to be alive after a small plane he was traveling in went down just after takeoff.  The plane was leaving the Bahamas Friday when the wreck happened. A rep for the singer says he was not injured and at this time…

Source : | 2016-08-27 13:00:00.0
J Balvin will be honored with the Vision Award during the annual Hispanic Heritage Awards on Sept. 22 in Washington, D.C. The reggaeton...
Source : | 2016-08-12 01:15:00.0
Colombian superstar J Balvin may be conquering the Latin music industry with his chart-topping reggaeton anthems, but believe it or not, some...
Source : | 2016-08-11 00:33:06.0
The reggaeton heavyweights come to Madison Square Garden July 30 to mark the fifth stop of their "The Kingdom" tour.
Source : | 2016-07-14 23:42:45.0
What does a Latino fairytale kingdom sound like? Merengue, salsa, son montuno, vallenato, cumbia and reggaeton, as well as variations of Latin rock,...
Source : | 2016-07-13 22:03:05.0

There was a time when all you heard on Top 40 radio was "Move Ya Body." It stood out, too. Unlike the saccharine earworms that dominated the radio waves in 2004 from the likes of Ashlee Simpson and JoJo, this song ushered a movement, where dancehall and tropical sounds reigned (think Kevin Lyttle's "Turn Me On"). Nina Sky became the solution to whitewashed pop music we desperately needed.

Nicole and Natalie Albino of Nina Sky are Puerto Rican-born identical twins who were raised in New York City (Queens, to be exact) and both identify as queer. But don't let that limit your perspective of them. Their identities certainly matter, but their fluidity (and unabashed confidence) seethe through everything they touch. They're role models for all women in the music industry without even overtly trying to be.

The Huffington Post recently caught up with them over fries and drinks to talk about their new single, "Champion Lover" (via Tommy Boy), the pinnacle of reggaeton, NYC Pride, and so much more.

Can you tell me more about your newest single, "Champion Lover?"

Natalie: When we got into the studio, we knew we wanted to create something fun. Nicole had recorded this chorus and I had written a verse. We brought it into the studio and had the producers re-create the beat. We wanted a tropical vibe.

Nicole: It was just a playful love song that I wrote about my wife. It was just me being cute to her.  

How would you describe Nina Sky 2004 vs. 2016? Do you think that, nowadays, it is generally easier [for you] than in 2004-2006?

Nicole: I think we are more comfortable in our skin than in 2004. We were more self-conscious about the pressures of being signed to labels and the pressures of other people involved in telling us who we should be and the image we should project.

Natalie: We were signed to two different labels in 2004. We just had so many different hands in what we were doing. We weren’t empowered as women. Now, we’re able to experiment.

Nicole: I think that pressure always exists. I just think you have to be comfortable saying, “This is who I am.” If I put out honest work, people are going to embrace it. We look at someone like Frank Ocean when he put out his music and then he said, "Hey, I’m gay" … That was so powerful. In 2004, I couldn’t do that because of the pressures and the way they thought that Latinas should look and hold themselves. It’s always hard. It says a lot about someone who has the courage to be themselves. When you are your most honest self, it is the most effortlessly cool thing you can do. And people will respond to that. 

I know the single is being released in tandem with NYC Pride and Pride month. What is your relationship with Pride? What are you most excited about?

Nicole: Pride is excitement, good vibes. Some of the most exciting events we do are Pride events. It’s pure fun and celebration. Some events you do, people are “too cool” to get into it.

Natalie: You are just surrounded by love. There’s no bad energy.

Happy Pride Rhode Island! WE ?? YOU! #rhodeislandpride

A photo posted by Nina Sky | Nicole and Natalie (@yourfavoritetwins) on Jun 18, 2016 at 4:07pm PDT

In the wake of Orlando, I don’t think as many celebrities are talking about it as much as they should and I’m wondering what you think about that.

Nicole: When we are talking about outside of the community, people are still afraid that if they stand with the community then they will be “labeled.” And that fucking sucks. I think that has to do with it. Instead of talking about the biggest terrorist attack on America, they will stay silent on it. I’m sure their heart hurts as much as everyone else’s, but I think there’s this fear of being labeled.

Natalie: I think some people are truly devastated and they also don’t know what to say. We even had a hard time knowing what to say. But, I want to do whatever I can -- hug people, call my Congress people. All of it!

Going back to music, what are your thoughts on reggaeton and tropical genres and how they've evolved over the years? Even Drake’s new album tries to emulate tropical sounds. It has become such a mainstream thing.

Natalie: I think tropical vibes always come back in the summer. [It's] the music you want to hear drinking a drink…There’s always this resurgence when it starts getting warmer, there’s this comeback [that combines] reggaeton, tropical vibes, reggae and dancehall.

Nicole: I think when you talk about someone like Drake doing a song like  “Controlla” or “One Dance” [compared to] 2004 when we came out ... a lot of artists that were doing music had to be put in a box. It just feels like now people are more open to different artists collaborating and different artists working in genres that they wouldn’t necessarily work in. People are embracing messing with genres.

My favorite single off the 2009 Major Lazer album "Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do" is "Keep It Goin' Louder," featuring you guys. Can you talk more about the song and music video for that?

Natalie: We shot two music videos for that. They did another one that was just animation and I don’t think they were satisfied with it. Then we did another with Tim & Eric [which was the chosen version]. It was so cool.

Nicole: We didn’t know what it was going to be. We went into a room that was all green screen.

Natalie: We saw the girls dancing. We thought, “Oh this is going to great!” When the video came out, they looked nothing like they did in real life. [The song] came together because a DJ hit up Nicole and said, “Oh, Diplo is working on a project. He wants to get in with you guys and work on some music." We got in and we wrote a few different versions of this song -- like five different versions -- and a totally different beat. He told us he was going to sit with it and work on it. When we got it back, it was completely different. He reorganized the music. We were so amazed by the way he works. Ricky Blaze had laid vocals on a different track and he incorporated that into the song, too.

What was it like working with Diplo?

Natalie: … Just the fact that he was able to create a song with all these different parts.

Nicole: We gave him all these different melodies and he combined it all into a song. You can see why he’s working with Beyoncé now.

Natalie: He’s really that talented. He has a really good ear. He’s so professional. We would work with him again. It’s always a pleasure to work with him.

Is there anyone that would be your dream collaborator?

Nicole: Our dream duo is Outkast.

Natalie: Maybe the 18- or 19-year-old in us is, like, Timbaland .... even now! We loved him from Aaliyah days and then Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake -- that whole era. He’s just had so many eras. I want to be part of whatever is next for Timbaland.

Nicole: What about Missy [Elliott], Nat?!

Natalie: I was going to go there!

Nicole: Missy is incredible. We did a show with her and her energy is unmatched. We did it about four or five years ago. But it still stands out. You don’t see people perform like that onstage.

OK, can you tell us more about the new album?

Nicole: Last summer, we decided we wanted to write and record. We booked out a bunch of different studios in New York and ended up recording a full project. It’s called “Brightest Gold.” Since then, we’ve recorded more songs. It’s kind of morphing into another project. It’s R&B-based. There’s a song called “Bang Bang” that Natalie wrote that’s just pure drum and bass vibes.

Natalie: There’s another song “Breaking the Habit.” Nicole actually co-produced that song.

Nicole: We flipped “Nice and Slow” by Usher, which we recorded with Electric Bodega.

Natalie: When we recorded “Champion Lover,” the more we heard it, we knew it was a single. Now we want everything to fit with that.

So, you guys are twins. Can you tell me about any "crazy" twin moments?

Natalie: I feel like when you have a twin, you have a constant friend. You have this connection with another person. It’s crazy. It’s like a permanent best friend. We have this other sense. One time, I got really sick [in college] and Nicole called out of nowhere and knew there was something wrong. She called crying while I was in the hospital and she said she just ‘had a feeling.’

Nicole: It’s like we’re one. We say that all the time. Something hit me that day and knew I had to call. I got so emotional because I wasn’t with her to support her and be there for her … Everyone has a significant other, but having a twin is so much deeper.

Nina Sky's new single, "Champion Lover" is available now on iTunes


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Source : | 2016-06-28 21:35:11.0
Reggaeton superstar Don Omar took advantage of social media to announce a special collaboration: He's working on the remix of Chino &...
Source : | 2016-06-24 22:33:05.0
Step aside Justin Bieber -- it's Jennifer Lopez's turn to show off her choreography to Daddy Yankee's reggaeton anthem "...
Source : | 2016-06-23 19:40:55.0
Reggaeton singer Ivy Queen took to Facebook to post an emotional tribute to her father, Francisco Pesante, who died after a long battle with...
Source : | 2016-06-22 21:19:06.0
Under a full moon, a dust-filled wind and the driving sounds of Reggaeton, the B-Boyz breakdancers jumped onto the stage with a series of flips, arches and windmills.   All six of them, wearing black T-shirts and black jeans, black caps turned to the side, are young refugees who fled the war in Syria.  For weeks they have been practicing their moves in what is now their home, the sprawling Arbat refugee camp in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, for this one moment:...
Source : | 2016-06-21 11:10:13.0
Pharrell delivers another banger, and this time, he does it in Spanish. That’s right. On Thursday (Jun. 16), Skateboard P joined J Balvin on his latest smash “Safari,” which also features BIA and Sky. On the reggaeton track, which he also produced, the “Happy” star delivers a few lines in Spanish. “I was in the... Read More
Source : | 2016-06-17 18:11:02.0
Reggaetón met regional Mexican at the SESAC Latina Music Awards June 15, with regional Mexican songwriter Luciano Luna taking home composer of the...
Source : | 2016-06-16 09:17:59.0
Canadian up-and-coming singer Alx Veliz joined forces with reggaeton superstar Don Omar for the remix of his hit single "Dancing...
Source : | 2016-06-15 22:57:05.0

By Letitia Stein and Fiona Ortiz ORLANDO, Fla./CHICAGO (Reuters) - It was a carefree "vacilón" - a pumped up party - at Orlando's Pulse nightclub on Saturday night, full of Latinos dancing to salsa, bachata and thumping reggaeton at the gay club's Latin music night. Most of the 49 people shot dead by a single gunman were Latino, more than half of them of Puerto Rican origin and at least three of them Mexican citizens, according to officials. For Puerto Rico, it was the latest and most tragic in a litany of hardships to afflict the U.S. territory, ranging from a crippling $70 billion debt to an exodus of its youth to the United States in search of jobs.

Source : Yahoo! News | 2016-06-13 23:57:57.0

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