Album : Shabini

Artista : Bhundu Boys
Año : 1986
Bhundu Boys - Shabini album cover
  1. Baba Munini Francis (an unfaithful womand an a mystery 'Uncle')
  2. Hupenyu Hwangu (my life - that happy and enduring life of a musician)
  3. Pachedu (a party you have to go to to be noticed)
  4. Zvicha Tinesta (We'll be in troubhle - what will we do when our parents die)
  5. Kuroja Chete (Landlords & Tenants - the rent. The same story the world over)
  6. Hatisitose (We are no longer together - you no longer love your wife and have to tell your friends and relations)
  7. Manhenga (Wings - God give me wings to fly to where my spirits are)
  8. Shabini (a drinking den - you only have friends while you have money)
  9. Dai Ndakaziva (If I had known - regrets for what might have been - past is past)
  10. Wenhamo Haaneti (Poor men never rest - the poor work night and day - or starve)
  11. Faka Puresha (Keep up the pressure - an exhortation to work hard forsatisfaction)
  12. Ziva Kwawakaba (Don't forget your roots)