Álbum : Reverence

Artista : Richard Bona
Label : Sony Music
Ano : 2001
Ref : CD CK69768
Richard Bona - Reverence album cover
  1. Invocation (A prophecy)
  2. Bisso baba (Always together)
  3. Suninga (When will I ever see you ?)
  4. Ekwa mwato (Affirmation of the spirit)
  5. Sweet Mary (Everyone has a choice)
  6. Reverence (The story of a miracle)
  7. Te misea (A scream to save the planet)
  8. Muntula moto (The benediction of a long life)
  9. Laka mba (Plea for forgiveness) (With The pride of lions)
  10. Ngad'a ndutu (Widow's dance) (Celebration of a new life)
  11. Esoka (Trust your heart)
  12. Mbanga kumba (Two cities, one train)