African and Caribbean Cooking and gastronomy

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rabicas-comRabicas Gourmet Coffees & Teas

Rabicas Gourmet Coffees & Teas provides the finest East African Coffees to the Tampabay area. As a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America Rabicas feels that sharing east African coffee with the world only serves to honor coffee's birthplace, East Africa.

africaguide-com-cookingAfrican cooking and recipes

African Cooking, Food, Recipes and Cookbook for sale

congocookbook-comThe Congo Cookbook

The Congo Cookbook, a collection of over 150 African recipes from all over Africa, plus information about African cooking, cuisine, culture, food, gastronomy, and history.


Blending the different cultures, traditions and ethnic groupings of Africa into one AFRI CHEF AFRICAN RECIPES COOK BOOK, that contains recipes from almost every African country, has produced a unique African Recipe book that reveals the story of Africa through its cooking and ethnic recipes.

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