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Zimbabwe: Young Agri-Entrepreneur Shines in Rural Zimbabwe

[New Zimbabwe] While agriculture forms an integral part of Zimbabwe's economy, many young people still think of it as back-breaking labor that offers little economic benefit. However, things are slowly changing, a growing number of young people are starting to see agriculture as a viable career option. (AllAfrica)

Tanzania: Old Public Schools Repair On Course

[Daily News] THE government is on course of repairing old public schools, teachers' houses and other related buildings to create conducive learning environment in the institutions, it was disclosed. (AllAfrica)

Tanzania: NGO's Course Equips 20 Girls With ICT Skills

[Daily News] TWENTY girls from Temeke Secondary School in Temeke Municipality- Dar es Salaam Region have completed a one year Information and Communication Technology (ICT) course dubbed 'Skills for their Future' aimed at equipping them for the fourth industrial revolution. (AllAfrica)

Burkina Faso: Q&A - Why We Must Invest in Educating Children in Crisis-Hit Burkina Faso

[IPS] Accra -- Education Cannot Wait (ECW) - the first global fund dedicated to education in emergencies and protracted crises - was on the ground in Burkina Faso last week with its Director, Yasmine Sherif, to launch a new multi-year programme that aims to provide an education to over 800,000 children and adolescents in crisis-affected areas. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Experts Task Govt On Youth Development Policy

[This Day] Experts have advised the Federal Government to consider developing a policy that will specifically address youth development. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Covid-19 and Reopening of Schools

[This Day] The House of Representatives argues that the reopening of schools is ill-timed, writes Peter Kumu (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Abductions, Torture, Arbitrary Arrests Continued in 2020

[allAfrica] An excerpt on Zimbabwe from the annual Human Rights Watch publication, World Report 2021: (AllAfrica)

Rwanda: Govt Continues to Target Critics, Flout Human Rights - Report

[allAfrica] An excerpt on Rwanda from the annual Human Rights Watch publication, World Report 2021: (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Xenophobic Attacks Continued in 2020 - Rights Report

[allAfrica] An excerpt on South Africa from the annual Human Rights Watch publication, World Report 2021: (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Out-of-School Children Drops to 6,9 Million - Govt

[This Day] Abuja -- The federal government yesterday stated that Nigeria's out- of-school-children (OSC) has dropped to 6.946 million from 10.1 million. (AllAfrica)

Somalia: Little Progress With Security, Judicial Reforms

[allAfrica] An excerpt on Somalia from the annual Human Rights Watch publication, World Report 2021: (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Anambra Shuts School for Flouting Covid-19 Protocols

[Premium Times] An official says students of the Anambra private school, who returned to classes against government directives, were without face masks. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Nigeria's Out-of-School Children Figure Drops to 6.9 Million

[Leadership] The federal government has revealed that the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria has reduced from 10.1million in 2019-2020 down to 6,946,328 million following the introduction of Better Education Service Delivery For All (BESDA) in some affected states. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Activist Solicits Youth Development Policy in Nigeria

[This Day] Child Advocate, founder and project director of Regalo Hope Foundation, Chinenye Onuorah has said that there is a need for federal government to formulate and implement a compressive youth development policy. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Out of School Children Drops From 10 Million to 6 Million in 2020 - Govt

[Vanguard] The number of out-of-school children in the country which stood at 10.1 million in 2019,reduced drastically to 6.946 million in 2020,the federal government has said. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Security Concerns - Lasu Restricts Students' Movement On Campus

[Vanguard] The decision was taken on Thursday at an emergency meeting of the management, according to a statement by the Centre for Information Press and Public Relations, CIPPR. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Mixed Grill Over Reopening of Schools

[Vanguard] Finally, the Federal Government last week gave the go ahead that schools at all levels could reopen from January 18 after days of pressure and suspense as to the appropriateness or otherwise of doing so. To say the government was under intense pressure from those opposed to the reopening and those in support, would be an understatement. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Taveta Slum Girls Using Football to Stay Safe

[Nation] Young girls from slums in Taveta, Taita Taveta County have devised creative and productive ways to safeguard against negative peer influence. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Prof Kobia Advocates for Boy Child Empowerment

[Nation] Gender and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary Prof Margaret Kobia has called for inclusivity in the empowerment of boys and girls in the society. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Vice Principal Admits Raping, Impregnating 12-Year-Old Pupil in Katsina

[This Day] The Vice Principal of the Community Secondary School Kadandani in Rimi Local Government Area of Katsina State, Mr. Ibrahim Sale, has admitted to the police authorities that he had sexual relationship with his 12-year-old student. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: On Young Domestic Workers and Abuse

[Daily Trust] Once, at church in Enugu, a woman had her help - this girl could not have been much older than 6- running after her 3 children, the oldest of whom was a bratty boy older than the girl and the youngest was maybe 2. It was easy to tell this kid was the maid because she did not have ribbons in her hair like the other 2 girls and her 'Sunday dress' was a washed-out T-shirt over a skirt. She was in charge of doling out snacks and water to the children but I never saw her eat or drink once. Apparently, she was n (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: School Resumption - No Benue Student Has Tested Positive for Covid-19 - Commissioner

[Vanguard] Makurdi -- by Bankole (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Governor Roba Launches Sh110 Million Fund for Needy Children in Mandera

[Capital FM] Mandera -- Some 13,713 needy students will benefit from a scholarship funded by Mandera County Government to pursue secondary and university education. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: Education Ministry Cancels Mask Orders

[Addis Fortune] The Ministry of Education has cancelled the contract it gave to five plants at industrial parks to supply 50 million face masks to be disbursed to schools after the plants supplied a little over half of the order. Regional education bureaus were informed about sourcing the face masks that were planned to be disbursed across 46,000 primary and secondary schools. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Electoral Fraud and the Child Bride Legislation

[Vanguard] The cesspool of corruption that is drowning electoral practice in Nigeria is being further muddied by the clearly self-serving antics of our national legislators in Abuja. Recently the Senate came up with the hairbrained idea of lowering the voting age for underaged girls who happen to be married. This legislation is tailored to address the peculiar needs of a section of the country, namely the North, where child marriage is rife. There is nothing altruistic about this proposed law. If anything, it is mean (AllAfrica)

Mozambique: Providing Essential Support to Ensure the Health and Dignity of Women and Girls Fleeing Violent Conflict in Mozambique

[UNFPA] Pemba -- "I came with nothing. Nothing at all," said Amina Da˙de, 25, who travelled by boat to Pemba with her husband and three children to flee the escalating violence in northern Mozambique. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Covid-19 - We Opposed Jan. 18 School Resumption - Govt

[Daily Trust] The Federal Government on Monday said it was against the resumption of schools on January 18. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Nasarawa Repatriates 40 Almajirai to States of Origin

[Daily Trust] Nasarawa State Government has repatriated 40 Almajirai back to their various states of origin. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Sexual Molestation in Schools

[This Day] The society must rise up to the challenge of all forms of abuse against children (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Corporal Punishment - Two Mothers Take Teachers' Organisation to Court

[GroundUp] Two parents and the Centre for Child Law at the University of Pretoria have gone to court to compel a teachers' organisation to take stronger action against teachers who beat children. Corporal punishment in schools is against the law. Archive photo: Ashraf Hendricks (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Why the Child's Rights Act Still Doesn't Apply Throughout Nigeria

[The Conversation Africa] Nigeria adopted the Child's Rights Act in 2003, giving legal consent to both the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. The country's constitution states that for an international law to take effect, Nigeria's legislature must create a national version. (AllAfrica)

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