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News reports and headlines from Somalia. Updated frequently. In Somali and English.


MarkaCadey.Net, News and Information about Somalia - where news is always free

radiosomaliland-comRadio Somaliland

Somaliland News, History, education, sports, etc.

radiobanadir-comRadio Banadir

Radio Banadir Broadcasting (RBB) first appeared on the stage in the Mogadishu Area on Feb 21, 2000, as a vehicle to extend the educational reach of media into the country. As one of the conducing stations in public broadcasting, RBB is a leader in the effort to service an ever-increasing audience with some of the most powerful and perceptive programming available.


Online news headlines from reliable source about Somalia

puntlandpost-comPuntland Post

All About Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland

sagalradio-netSagal Somali Radio

Sagal Radio, a voice of New Americans. Sagal Radio was established in 1998 as a means of empowering Somali-speaking refugees and immigrants to become self-sufficient members of their new American communities. It reaches over 25,000 regular listeners in the Metro Atlanta area and online, providing them invaluable programming in the areas of health, social adjustment and education.The radio show seeks to educate children and adults about things available to them in America—for example, fire safety training, public transportation, medical services, etc

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