Belle d’Afrique: Vlisco romances the beauty of Africa

Just as a woman assembles and collects treasures throughout her life, Vlisco has been assembling their treasures of fabrics and designs for more than 160 years. With this wealth of experience and unique archive of inspiration, Vlisco is launching their first fashion, wax block fabric collection, Belle d’Afrique.

Belle d’Afrique refers not only to the beautiful African continent in all its diversity, but to the elegance and stature of the African women and the treasures she may collect. Treasured items such as ornate mirrors, shells, flowers and jewellery boxes are discovered in the refined layers of print. The serene but independent and playful spirit of the African woman is directly reflected in the design of the Belle d’Afrique collection. Every yard of fabric is unique due to the intricate printing process. And every design embodies the exclusive and recognisable Vlisco signature.

This exclusive signature is seen in one synergistic story for the first time. The elegant colour contrasts and diversity of design combinations, endorses the talent of the Vlisco in-house designers as world class. Not satisfied with story telling in one fabric design they have created intertwined stories of treasured mementos, keep-sakes and romance. And the romance continues.

Vlisco’s own treasure chest and unique romance with their consumer and Africa will allow them to continually launch ever inspiring, original and exclusive collections. Collections that will be transformed into clothing to flatter the femininity of the African woman. But for now, we wait with abated breathe to hear what original names of endearment each design will be awarded from the consumers themselves, in true Vlisco tradition.

Belle d'Afrique is also available outside Africa: new collections are always available through Vlisco's new online shop at