Album : Better Must Come

Artiste : Delroy Wilson
Année : 1971
Delroy Wilson - Better Must Come album cover
  1. Once Upon A Time
  2. I Want To Love You
  3. (Love Me Forever) Til I Die
  4. This Old Heart Of Mine
  5. Give Love A Try
  6. This Life Makes Me Wonder
  7. Put Yourself In My Place
  8. It Hurts (Aka I've Been Hurt)
  9. I'm The One Who Loves You
  10. Your Number One
  11. Run Run (Aka I'm Gonna Get You)
  12. Show Me The Way
  13. Gave You My Love
  14. Got To Get Away
  15. Drink Wine (Everybody)
  16. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
  17. I Am Trying
  18. Better Must Come
  19. Try Again
  20. Cool Operator
  21. Comealong (Aka I'll Give The World To You)
  22. Keep Your True Love Strong
  23. Peace & Love (Aka Let There Be Love)
  24. You Keep On Running
  25. Call On Me
  26. Same Old Song
  27. Adisababa (Aka Africa)
  28. Cheer Up (Aka Happy Times Again)
  29. Here Come The Heartaches
  30. Who Cares
  31. Pretty Girl
  32. Ain't That Particular
  33. Can I Change My Mind
  34. Trying To Wreck Up My Life
  35. Live & Learn
  36. Living In The Footsteps (Of Another Man)
  37. Have Some Mercy
  38. Cherry Baby (Aka Come Softly To Me)
  39. Can You Remember (Aka Baby Don't You Do It)
  40. Mash Up Illiteracy (Aka Mash It Up)
  41. False Rasta (Aka Rascal Man)
  42. It's A Shame
  43. So Long Jenny (Aka So Long Baby)
  44. Get Ready
  45. You Must Believe Me
  46. I'm Still Waiting
  47. My Cecelia
  48. Is It Because I'm Black
  49. Worth Your Weight In Gold
  50. Consider Yourself