Album : Zimphonic Suites

Artiste : Zim Ngqawana
Année : 2001
Zim Ngqawana - Zimphonic Suites album cover
  1. Ingoma Ya Kwantu: Invocation
  2. Ingoma Ya Kwantu: Royal Drumming
  3. Ingoma Ya Kwantu: Resolution
  4. Intlombe Variations: Diviners Ceremony
  5. Intlombe Variations: Ebhofolo (This Madness)
  6. Intlombe Variations: Bantu (Rainbow Nation)
  7. Abaphantsi (Ancestry Suite): Säd Afrika (A Country Without A Name)
  8. Abaphantsi (Ancestry Suite): Ode To Princess Magogo (Classical Composer)
  9. Abaphantsi (Ancestry Suite): Old Blues (Early Harmonic Devices)
  10. Abaphantsi (Ancestry Suite): Compassion (Ubuntu)
  11. Abaphantsi (Ancestry Suite): (A.K.A. Afrikan Continent)
  12. Ballroom Dance Suite: Man And Woman (Duality Of Life)
  13. Ballroom Dance Suite: Man (A Dying Father Figure)
  14. Ballroom Dance Suite: Two To Tangle (Challenges Of Life)
  15. Celebrations: Chisa (Wedding Festivities)
  16. Celebrations: Gobbliesation (In A Global Village)
  17. Celebrations: Beautiful Love (It's All About Love)