Album : The long way home

Artiste : D'Gary Dama
Année : 1994
Ref : CD 014 64052
Dama - The long way home album cover
  1. Hiakatra Sa Hidina (To Go Up or To Go Down?)
  2. Mpiarak' Aomby (Song of the Cowherd)
  3. Mitady Kandra (Searching for Work)
  4. I Alamino (Be Cool!)
  5. Mpanjono Mody (The Fisherman's Return)
  6. Miavonavana Tokoa (The Conceited Beauty)
  7. Sahira Toy (Searching for Love)
  8. Voasary (The Parable of the Orange)
  9. Andeso Aroy (Go On With Your Life)
  10. Namana (Friendship)
  11. Tongava Re! (Invitation to the Celebration)
  12. Gny Raha Tia (The One You Love)
  13. Aza Manadino (Don't Forget)
  14. Manake (Good Fortune)
  15. Mbola (The Fool at the Marketplace)