Album : Best of Hossam Ramzy

Artiste : Hossam Ramzy
Année : 1997
Hossam Ramzy - Best of Hossam Ramzy album cover
  1. Khusara Khusara (What a Loss)
  2. Sallam Allay (My Beloved Greeted Me)
  3. Bamoot Feeki (I Adore You)
  4. Sehr Oyounik (The Magic in Your Eyes)
  5. Mawwal El-Oshaa (The Lover's Chant)
  6. Enta Omri (III) (You Are My Life)
  7. Eshta
  8. Night Foal
  9. Aziza
  10. Gamil Gamal (Such Beauty)