East Africa Going Mainstream

After years of being in the background of what is considered African music, the Afro-Urban phenomenal has taken root in East Africa.

With the help of Swahili Entertainment
( http://www.swahilientertainment.com/ ) and its partner Nomad Wax ( http://nomadicwax.com/ ), the Afro-Urban genre has been brought to light.

The relationship above has contributed to the upcoming release of K-G's " THE STORY" ( October 30th 2005) and Ousman's " THE RISING SUN" debut albums, both artist are already house hold names in East and Central Africa, they have also been able to get into the top 50 charts in West/Southern Africa and parts of Eastern Europe.

K-G's music most closely resembles that of Seal, Papa Wemba, Bob Marley and Wyclef Jean. His dynamic voice and song arrangement has made him to have an authentic sound. K-G will be embarking on a school's tour in Central Florida to promote his new collabo single feat. Ripstah from the Virgin Islands, the single was sponsored by the State department in a campaign to stop gun violence.

On the other hand Ousman's unique voice has propelled him to be top ranking reggae artist in the East and Central African region.

Both artists come out at a time when real music is making a come back thanks to the growing interest in conscious music.

Keep it locked to http://www.swahilientertainment.com/ for more info on Ousman and K-G