Sur-Choc bring Zouglou to the web

Ivory Coast's Sur-Choc now available after appearing in FIFA Street soundtrack

When the developers of the FIFA Street 2005 game were looking for music from countries known for their football, they immediately fell for the Ivory Coast group Sur-Choc. The rough, manic sound of the track "Fou Ho" (from the album "Magnum") fit perfectly with the fast-paced playing style of FIFA Street.

The group has been performing for many years, releasing cassettes in Ivory Coast in the coupé-décalé style. "Magnum", the 7th album, was also released in France.

The band are currently working on a new release to follow their shows in France and Ivory Coast. In the meantime, "Magnum" can be downloaded from web shops such as iTunes US and France, Napster, Music Gremlin and Sony Connect. For details, visit