Album : Nama

Kasse Mady Diabate is one of the greatest voices in West Africa. A griot by birth, while still young he was asked to join a modern group in Kangaba (Mali); then in 1972 he was appointed lead singer in the official group of the republic, the National Badema of Mali. like any modern orchestra, the National Badema includes drums, synthesizers, guitars and wind instruments; but its music draws from tradition, as does its methods of composition. The singer leads the music ; the instruments follow in regular, hypnotic fashion, never interfering with the long lyrical flights of the vocals. "Name", recorded in 1983, was the last album of Kasse Mady with the Badema; it was their biggest hit ever. "Nema" - the song - is typical malenke music, while "Fognena Kuma" is bambara; "Namory" recalls the cuban origins of the group, first formed in Cuba by malian students under the name "Maravillas de Mali".

Artist : Kassé Mady Diabaté Badema
Label : Syllart
Year : 1983
Badema - Nama album cover
  1. Nama
  2. Fognana kuma
  3. Namory