CEDDO Biography

It took ten years of problems and difficulties to Ceddo, the group from HLM, to offer the Senegalese public its first musical work. Founded in november 1986, Ceddo was born through the meeting of different feelings, in the heart of the HLM neighbourhood, crossroads of all creative impulses in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.
Ceddo is formed by young Dakarians, right where their urban culture and their ancestral legacy meet. Courage, sense of honour, of peace and friendship, pride of being Senegalese, these values, yesterday embodied by their their ancestors are now defended by these youngsters from HLM, in a fight for the rehabilitation of African cultural values.
This fight relies musically on the Afro-M'Balax style, exuberant synthesis of sounds from various origins. Ceddo has participated in many concerts and festivals, in Senegal as well as in other African countries.