Tidiane et le Dieuf Dieul are with no doubt one of the most promising acts of the Senegalese scene. Founded in december 1994 after a merger between the groups Takku and Symphonie, each one with an amazing individual potential, Tidiane et le Dieuf Dieul asserted themselves as one of the steady values of Senegalese music.
Their talent, cultivated through the years, is expressed with an enthusiasm only equalled by their lead singer's charisma. The band, although very young, is full of experience. This alliance of youth and experience allows them to keep on searching for excellence.
The group is formed by :
- Tidiane Gaye, lead vocal
- Moussa Séne, percussions
- Sembène, keyboards
- Assane Diop, lead guitar, xalam
- Ousseynou Diop, drums
- Karim Mané, bass.
Mostly inspired in the first place by classical music, Tidiane et le Dieuf Dieul now practice the M'Balax style. They have recorded three tracks in 1996 with David Murray, Robert Irving, and Jammaladen Taccuma, during the Fodeuk Festival.