Album : Johnny Clarke Golden Hits

Artist : Johnny Clarke
Year : 1995
Johnny Clarke - Johnny Clarke Golden Hits album cover
  1. None Shall Escape This Judgement
  2. Left With A Broken Heart
  3. If You Should Lose Me
  4. True Believer In Love
  5. Hey Girl Don't Bother Me
  6. Jah Jah In Deh
  7. Jah Jah We Are Waiting
  8. Give The Little Man A Hand
  9. I Am A Big Man
  10. Take My Hand
  11. My Desire
  12. Joshua's Word
  13. Move Out A Babylon
  14. Rock With Me Baby
  15. Don't Want To Be A Rude Boy
  16. Close To Me
  17. The Tide Is Hide
  18. Singe I Fell For You
  19. False Rasta
  20. Since I Met You Baby