Kristo Numpuby

Origin : Cameroon
Instrument :
Styles : Assiko
Official Site : Kristo Numpuby
Other informations : Biography
Born in Paris, Kristo Numpuby was however brought up in Eska (the tropical forest of Cameroon). This is where he discovered a very particular rhythm: assiko. Although he was immersed in a kaleidoscopic musical environment, it was Assiko that really caught his imagination. Assiko is a guitar plucked in a very distinctive way with a rhythm drummed out by knives on an empty bottle. An acquired taste with very particular techniques that, like the blues, represent a way of living rhythm. When he moved back to Paris in 1986, he started working on material that led to two albums : "Assiko City" and "An Sol M". These were followed by tours during which he built up a loyal following. This is due to the fact that Numpuby is also very much a live performer of many talents, alternating between jokes, grimaces and using his cheeks to imitate the sound of a balafon. Although largely based on Assiko, his compositions also feature finely patterned traditional African music, Afro-American folk, blues, jazz and Brazilian and Mediterranean accents. On his third album, he demonstrates once again his love of music, encounters and life.

Kristo Numpuby : discography

Kristo Numpuby - An sol m album cover Album : An sol m
Label : Night and Day
Year : 2001
Kristo Numpuby - Assiko city album cover Album : Assiko city
Label : Night and Day
Year : 1997
Ref : CD LY6401

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Kristo Numpuby - Lona Kristo Numpuby - Lona

Kristo Numpuby - An Sol Me Kristo Numpuby - An Sol Me