Biography of Muluken Melesse

Muluken Melesse (born 1954) was an Ethiopian singer and drummer who later abandoned his music career to involve himself in the Pentecostal Church. Melesse was born in Gojjiam, a province in Northern Ethiopia. When he was six, he moved to Addis Ababa with his uncle. In 1966, aged 12, he began his musical career singing at night clubs and in groups founded by night club owners, with his first song to be performed on stage, Enate Sitewoldgne Metchi Amakerchign. His first song to be recorded on vinyl was Hedetch Alu, which was recorded in 1972 by Girma Byn (piano and arrangements), Tesfa Mariam Kidane (tenor sax), Tekle Adhanonm (guitar), Fekade Amde Meskel (bass), Tesfay Mekonnen (drums) and Melesse himself. In 1975, he recorded his second song, Wetetie Mare and Ete Endenesh Gedawo, with 'Equator Band', and a year later in 1976 he recorded what was to be his last song, Ney Ney Wodaje. While the remained of the band emigrated to the United States of America, Melesse remained to join the Pentecostal Church in the 1980s, having ended his musical career. "In the early 1980 Muluken accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his saviour and Lord. From his own testimony, he chose to follow Jesus Christ completely by leaving the world behind. Since then He served the Lord with all his heart. Muluken was approached by people a lot of time to return to the music world but he preferred to be with the people of the Lord and minister to them. By doing that he testified to the world that Jesus Christ is His Lord and he valued the many blessings of his Lord more than the fame and riches that the world can offer."............................ seems partial, reflects authors obvious beliefs... Muluke is married and resides in Washington DC metropolitan area. He ministers by traveling all over the world. An album of his music, Muluken Melesse Vol. 1'' is available from AIT Records.

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