Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi

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Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi : discography

Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Nhava album cover Album : Nhava
Year : 2005
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Oliver Mtukudzi Collection 1984 - 1991 album cover Album : Oliver Mtukudzi Collection 1984 - 1991
Year : 2004
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Oliver Mtukudzi Collection 1991 - 1997 album cover Album : Oliver Mtukudzi Collection 1991 - 1997
Year : 2004
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - The Other Side album cover Album : The Other Side
Year : 2004
Blank Cover Album : Tsvio
Year : 2003
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Greatest Hits The Tuku Years album cover Album : Greatest Hits The Tuku Years
Year : 2002
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Shanda album cover Album : Shanda
Year : 2002
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - The Oliver Mtukudzi Collection - The Tuku Years album cover Album : The Oliver Mtukudzi Collection - The Tuku Years
Year : 2002
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Vhunze Moto album cover Album : Vhunze Moto
Year : 2002
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Bvuma album cover Album : Bvuma
Year : 2001
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Neria album cover Album : Neria
Year : 2001
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Paivepo album cover Album : Paivepo
Label : Putumayo
Year : 2000
Ref : CD PUTU168-2
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Tuku Music album cover Album : Tuku Music
Label : Putumayo
Year : 1998
Ref : CD PUTU152-2
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Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Ziwere mucopenhagen album cover Album : Ziwere mucopenhagen
Year : 1993
Ref : CD SHAVACD001-2
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Chikonzi (Messenger!) album cover Album : Chikonzi (Messenger!)
Year : 1990
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Tuku Live at Sakubva Concert album cover Album : Tuku Live at Sakubva Concert
Year : 1989
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Nyanga Yenzou album cover Album : Nyanga Yenzou
Year : 1988
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Wawona album cover Album : Wawona
Year : 1987
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Africa album cover Album : Africa
Year : 1980
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Chinhambwe album cover Album : Chinhambwe
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Ndega Zvangu album cover Album : Ndega Zvangu
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Rumbidzai Jehova album cover Album : Rumbidzai Jehova
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Shoko album cover Album : Shoko
Label : Piranha
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Svovi yangu album cover Album : Svovi yangu
Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi - Wonai album cover Album : Wonai

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News about Oliver 'Tuku' Mutukudzi

[The Herald] Oliver Mtukudzi was in high spirits when he led his Black Spirits band through a memorable act at Montclair Hotel in Nyanga last weekend.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-06-27 11:01:31.0
[The Herald] Kundai Marunya -It will be a meeting of different generations this Friday at CapetTown's Artscape Opera House as legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi take the responsibility of fathering three young artistes for their debut performances south of the Limpopo.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-06-13 10:47:58.0
[The Herald] The long wait will be over tomorrow when Thomas Mapfumo's homecoming bira takes place at Glamis Arena featuring other local musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi, Winky D, Suluman Chimbetu, and Andy Muridzo.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-04-27 07:13:15.0
[Zimbabwe Standard] Music veteran Thomas Mapfumo will tomorrow get into the studio to record two separate collabo tracks, one with veteran Oliver Mtukudzi and the other with dendera artiste Sulumani Chimbetu.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-04-22 09:46:36.0
[The Herald] Shepherd Mutamba is a dog. A barking dog. At least so says Oliver Mtukudzi's publicist Walter Wanyanya, in response to the hype around the issue of the second edition of the Oliver Mtukudzi exposé "Tuku: Backstage".
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-04-07 05:31:18.0
[The Herald] Local musicians Oliver Mtukudzi, Winky D, Andy Muridzo and Sam Dondo will share the stage with South Africa's Mafikizolo in the United Kingdom today and tomorrow.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-03-30 10:55:46.0
[New Zimbabwe] Music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi has intensified efforts to market his Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton by playing free of charge during Sundays.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-03-06 08:17:59.0
[Zimbabwe Standard] The perceived rift between veteran Chimurenga musician Thomas "Mukanya" Mapfumo and jazz legend Oliver Mtukudzi has lived for as long as many can recall, clouding the duo's history of having played in the same band in the 1970s.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-02-12 14:48:47.0
[263Chat] 263Chat Entertainment brings you all the weekend performances from various artists. Today we reignite your memory as we revisit Ninja President, Winky D's Gombwe Album launch where he teamed up with Superstar, Oliver Mtukudzi in lighting HICC which was full to capacity as Zimbabweans gathered to celebrate local music.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-02-12 06:06:42.0
[The Herald] With several albums to his name, internationally acclaimed musician Oliver Mtukudzi believes he is now releasing albums to educate the nation not for competition with other musicians.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-02-09 09:28:09.0
[The Herald] During Oliver Mtukudzi's gig in Bulawayo in December, onlookers were treated to unexpected drama when the superstar was confronted by a young lady, accompanied by an older woman, as he made his way to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) for what was to be another remarkable performance from the superstar.
Source : AllAfrica | 2018-01-06 09:03:14.0