Biography of Paco Sery

Fellow traveller of the legendary Joe Zawinul, drummer praised by Jaco Pastorius and Wayne Shorter, Paco Sery could have - or one may say, should have - moved to the USA to complete his growing reputation of being "the best drummer in the world". But it neither was the destiny nor the concern of this drummer from the Ivory Coast who an even more crucial meeting in his younger days - the one with the organ player Eddy Louiss, will definitely attach to France. France is therefore where Paco Sery first got known and where he set up the mythical fusion band Sixun, the incandescent war machine that set the pace of a devastating groove made of the meeting of what the 3 contintents - Africa, Europe and America - have of most telluric. After so many years of contributing to a music genuinely "world" he was indeed inventing without any claim of ownership, the most outstanding and instinctive drummer ever eventually released his most personal message in the form of the Paco Sery Group. The first album under his own name, released in 2002 on Blue Note / EMI, with guests as prestigious as Dianne Reeves or Claude Nougaro, demonstrated the extreme creativity of this musician who, from jazz world to rap via afrobeat and funk, couldn't care less about musical conventions and uncovered his real nature: Paco is definitely a griot of groove, an unpredictable magician electrified by the thunder of African beat. The Paco Sery Group is now on his way back with a long-awaited new album, a new breaker of unrelenting mixed rhythms the band is about to unchain massively on stage, backed up by a gang of over-excited groovers who can well measure up to the impressive drummer : Demi Evans (voc), Emile Parisien (sax), Hervé Samb (g), Thierry Eliez (kb), Alune Wade (b)and Jorge Bezerra (perc). Alternatively to Sixun and Paco Sery Group, Paco Séry is also performing with the Syndicate, consisting of the former musicians of the Zawinul Syndicate.

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