Super Biton de Ségou

Origin : Mali
Instrument :
Styles : Musique Mandingue
The Super Biton of Segou owes its name to Biton Coulibaly, the founder of the Bambara empire, who made the city of Segou into his capital. The Super Biton uses standard electric instruments and horns, but its music draws from traditional rhythms and melodies. In 1968 it was awarded the Gold Palm in the National Youth Festival of Mali, where it competed with the best groups of the country. After several such awards it was nationalized in 1976. Its success abroad is due to the spicy Bambara rhythms, hotter than the lyrical music of the Malenkes, the other branch of the Mandingo Family.

Super Biton de Ségou : discography

Super Biton de Ségou - Belle Epoque album cover Album : Belle Epoque
Label : Syllart
Year : 1999
Super Biton de Ségou - Super Biton de Ségou album cover Album : Super Biton de Ségou
Label : Editions Bolibana
Year : 1986
Ref : CD 42013-2
Super Biton de Ségou - Taasi Doni album cover Album : Taasi Doni
Label : Syllart
Super Biton de Ségou - Nyangaran Foli album cover Album : Nyangaran Foli
Label : Syllart

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