Biography of Super Mazembe

Orchestra Super Mazembe was a popular band based in Kenya playing Lingala music. The band had roots in Super Vox, a band formed in 1967 in Congo (then Zaire) and led by Mutonkole Longwa Didos. The band moved to Nairobi in 1974 and changed its name to Orchestra Super Mazembe. Their biggest hit was "Shauri Yako", a cover song originally performed by Nguashi Ntimbo & Festival Du Zaire. Other popular songs included "Samba", "Bwana Nipe Pesa" and "Kassongo". The group was disbanded in 1985. Super Mazembe is considered as one of the golden era of Kenyan Lingala music acts alongside Les Mangelepa, Baba Gaston and Samba Mapangala .

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