Album : Smile a While

Artist : U Roy
Year : 1993
U Roy - Smile a While album cover
  1. Smile A While (with Sandra Cross)
  2. I'm a Rasta Man (with Yabby U & Black Steel)
  3. A Chapter a Day (with Aisha)
  4. Steppin Pon The Right Track (Sister Audrey & Slim Linston)
  5. Freedom (with Earl 16)
  6. The Hurt is Good (with Susan Cadogen)
  7. Can't do Them Time
  8. Lip Service (with Sgt Pepper)
  9. More Love (with Sister Audrey)
  10. Choice Dj
  11. Leaders of the World (with Yabby U)
  12. Unity in the Community (with Carroll Thompson)