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djembe-drumset-comDjembe Dunun Drumset

This website presents the different activities of Maarten Schepers, a drummer and percussionist living in Toulouse (France). Maarten Schepers is specialized in Malinke percussions (djembe and dunun).
He is the author of "DJEMBE DUNUN DRUMSET, traditional Malinke rhythms and drumset adaptation", an instructional book available since september 2005.

people-ucsc-edu-bobbaq-djembeD J I M B E F O L A N D

Here you will find basic information on how to perform on this drum; and information regarding the cultural aesthetics surrounding and related to the djembé.

echarry-web-wesleyan-edu-jembearticleA Guide to the Jembe

The jembe is on the verge of achieving world status as a percussion instrument, rivaled in popularity perhaps only by the conga and steel pan.

drumsdatabase-com-handdrummingHand Drumming Lessons

DRUM BUM presents Over 500 drums links to FREE DRUM LESSONS, hand drum lessons, hand drumming, bongos, hand percussion, conga drums, bongo drums, congas, bongos, djembe, djembe drum, drum player,and Drum Tabs! - Music lessons are neatly organized for lesson plan and easy to use.


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