Label : Naxos World

Official Site : Naxos World

African and Caribbean album and video produced by this label


Electric Highlife Electric Highlife CD 76030-2 2002
So Forest Bikutsi Pop cd 76032-2 2002
Venancio Mbande Orchestra Timbila Ta Venancio CD 76016-2 2001
Mozambique Relief Mozambique Relief CD 76019-2 2000
Eduardo Durao Timbila Ensemble CD 76015-2 2000
Good People Rainbow Dream CD 76007-2
Rabita Andalusa Diwan CD 76047-2
Swahili Rumba Golden Sounds Band CD 76055-2
Alexandra Youth Choir South-African Choral CD 76025-2
Les Escrocs Mandinka Rap from Mali CD 76060-2