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Country : Tanzania

Swahili hip-hop, mixture of rap, hip-hop and R'n'B, born in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in the begining of the nineties.

Artists or Bands

A.Y.(0)[video]  -  Angie(0)[video]  -  Banana Zorro(0)[video]  -  Bizman(1)[video]  -  Black Rhino(0)[video]  -  Bobi Wine(0)[text][video]  -  Bwana Misosi(2)[video]  -  Contagious(0)[video]  -  Darda King(1)[video]  -  Dataz(0)[text][video]  -  Daz Baba(1)[video]  -  Dogoli Junior(0)[video]  -  Dr Leader(0)[video]  -  Dully Sykes(1)[video]  -  Enika(0)[video]  -  Father G(0)[video]  -  Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe (K-Lynn)(0)[video]  -  Juma Nature(0)[text][video]  -  K-Sal(0)[video]  -  Lady Jay Dee(3)[video]  -  Langa(0)[video]  -  MB Dogg(0)[video]  -  Mambo Shwari(1)  -  Man-X(0)[video]  -  Mangwair(0)[video]  -  Matonya(0)[video]  -  Mh. Temba(0)[video]  -  Mike Tee(3)[video]  -  Mr. Blue(0)[video]  -  Noorah(0)[video]  -  OCG(0)[video]  -  PNC(0)[video]  -  Park Lane(0)[video]  -  Prince Khonjo(1)  -  Professor Jay(2)[text][video]  -  Q Chillah(0)[video]  -  Rah P(0)[video]  -  Ray C(2)[video]  -  Snoop Lee(0)[video]  -  Steve B(0)[video]  -  TNG Squad(0)[video]  -  TopBand(0)[video]  -  Wakilisha(0)[video]  -  X Plastaz(1)[text][video]  -  Zay-B(1)[video]  -  Zig Zag Crew(2)  -  

Various Artists

Bongo Flava : Swahili rap from Tanzania(1)  -  

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Hugely popular "bongo flava" musicians are kept on a tight leash when it comes to politics.
Source : BBC News | 2020-10-26 02:11:57.0

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bongoflava-comBongo Flava

Bongo Flava is a Tanzanian music style that blends Swahili lyrics with all sorts of dialects, melodies, beats, rhythms and sound.

bongoradio-comBongo Radio

Tanzania Best Internet Radio for Bongo Flava, Ragga, Reggae, HipHop, Muziki wa Dansi, Zilipendwa,Taarab, R&B, Ngoma, Mduara, Sebene, African Music, Bongo Flava Videos, Tanzanian Videos, and all the hits from Tanzania and East Africa


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