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Country : Angola Cape Verde Islands

Kudoro was born in 1996 in Angola, created by Tony Amado, the Angolan's "Grandmaster Flash". Kuduro (Portuguese translation of « hard butt ») is a 100% Angolan production, totally electronic, composed by Angolans DJ's.
Kuduro in an electronic production made in Africa, a singular musical style that gathered traditional music and house with Brazilian, Caribbean and Latin vibes. Beats are a savant mix of programming inspired by Angolan's carnival traditional rhythms at 140Bpm (ancestor of the Brazilian Samba) and accelerated house music beats.From this base with unexpected arrangements, kuduristas put their protest texts (in Portuguese).
To go with those new rhythms, Tony Amado has also created a dance, at the same time hard, sensual and languid. This dance constitutes by itself a fascinating performance.

Artists or Bands

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Various Artists

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