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Mother and Child

A female Barbary macaque holds her little one as they nestle in a tree high above the Mediterranean coast

Shy Boy

A young Barbary macaque play shy while I take his portrait, at Cape Carbon, Bejaia, Algeria

Snack Time

A Barbary macaque eats an apple at Cape Carbon, Bejaia, Algeria




Curve/منحنى/Courbe N°360a

A_TAIBI posted a photo:

Curve/منحنى/Courbe N°360a

Tea pot at Hammam Meskoutine, Algeria

Credit: Fickr;


#Kiev intends to "bury" the pipeline "Nord stream - 2"

#Ukraine intends to completely disrupt the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, to do this she needs the help of the United States. Plans to disrupt the completion of the pipeline currently under discussion in Washington, where he arrived the head of the Ukrainian company “Naftogaz” Andrew KOBOLEV. As stated by the head of “Naftogaz” Ukraine intends to take all measures to permanently “bury” the project of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”. According to him, now the United States and Ukraine are discussing various measures to be taken for the freezing of construction “SP-2”. The game is not yet finished. …

#Putin spoke about the civil society and registered as a foreign agent

#The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin considers that the active part of society is not only non-systemic opposition. This, for example, and volunteers, free of charge to help people in education, health, and ecology.The answer Putin gave during an interview to the journalist of the news Agency TASS Andrei Vandenko to the question about why the active part of the society the authorities prefer to talk with batons. This interview is the seventh part of a larger conversation “20 questions to Vladimir Putin”, organized by the Agency. Suddenly, the President commended the work of the non-system opposition, said …

#Turkey Requests NATO Air Support And Air Defenses For Idlib Operation

#Donate Click to see full-size image On March 3rd, the Turkish Ambassador to the UK, Ümit Yalçın said that Turkey had request military support for its Idlib operation from its NATO allies. Yalcin said Turkey was calling on its NATO allies – the majority of them also members of the EU – to provide diplomatic, political, military and humanitarian support to Turkey in its fight to push back a regime advance from capturing Idlib province on its border. The alliance’s 29 ambassadors held a North Atlantic Council session on February 28th, called by Turkey under Article 4 of NATO’s founding …

#Tatiana Montyan: About the land, swearing and Losaria | Movny bullying in full growth | the Syrian-Turkish grater

#About the land, swearing and Losaria (“Echoes of Kyiv”)[embedded content] Movny bullying in full growth [embedded content] The Syrian-Turkish grater [embedded content] News site | Using the materials, put the link back. If you notice a mistake, highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter (allocate 1 mark) © 2007-2020, All Rights Reserved Bahrain|Iran|Iraq|Lebanon|Palestine|Saudi Arabia|News|War

#Dzhangirov: Russia has no "plan A" in respect of Ukraine, but there is a clear "plan B" | the Heavy tread of confidence - 2 | Where did the libertarians?

#[embedded content]The heavy tread of confidence – 2 [embedded content] Where did the libertarians? D. Dzhangirov I. Yushko [embedded content] News site | Using the materials, put the link back. If you notice a mistake, highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter (allocate 1 mark) © 2007-2020, All Rights Reserved Bahrain|Iran|Iraq|Lebanon|Palestine|Saudi Arabia|News|War

#What amendment to the Constitution, Putin suggested

#President Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma new amendments to the bill on changing the Constitution for the second reading. They haven’t been published, but some of them said the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy. “Sheets” managed to read the full text of the presidential amendments. Three of the interlocutor in the state Duma confirmed the authenticity of the document. Below the main theses of Putin’s proposal of the amendments:Marriage described as the Union of a man and a woman. The protection of marriage, and institutions “of family, motherhood, fatherhood …

#Russian defense Ministry: Turkish posts in Idlib has grown together with the fortified area of militants

#Turkish observation posts in the Syrian Idlib was located in the fortified radical groups and actually become part of them. This is contrary to the Sochi agreements, as posts should be on the border of the zone of de-escalation.This statement was made today by the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov. Because of the failure by Ankara of its obligations to Syrian towns and the Russian base Hamim every day shelled by the militants. Contrary to arrangements, the Turkish side have not only created a demilitarized zone in Idlib, but also contributed to progress in …

#The Pentagon estimated the probability of a military confrontation with Russia in the Arctic

#The United States and Russia compete in the Arctic, however, the probability of conflict escalation in the fighting is extremely small. This was stated by acting Deputy Minister of defense for political Affairs James Anderson. Speaking on Tuesday at a hearing of a Subcommittee of the Senate Committee of Congress on the armed forces, Anderson said that although Russia and the United States are candidates for the leading positions in the Arctic region in the near term, the probability of collision between the two countries is very small. Currently, according to our estimation, the potential for conflict (in the Arctic) …

#The unique tactics of the Russian special forces in Syria struck the world community

#In the armed conflict in Syria take part in the military from different parts of the world. But only Russian military personnel showed is so unique tactics of warfare that struck the whole world community.About typical of other behavior fighters of the Russian special forces in Syria during clashes, journalists were told by a famous Russian orientalist Yevgeny Satanovsky. One of the most striking examples of the aforementioned tactics can be called techniques of fighting so-called Jihad-mobiles. All military involved in the fighting, I prefer not to touch the cars filled with explosives with suicide bombers driving. The Americans, the …

#Boeing FARA: draft reconnaissance helicopter for the US army aviation

#The Boeing company presented a concept of the new reconnaissance helicopter for the us armed forces. The new machine has several advantages and will allow to fill the existing shortage of such equipment. Represented Boeing helicopter specifically designed to meet the needs of the army aviation of the US army in the reconnaissance air vehicles. Traction compound helicopter has one motor, the modular cabin with modern reconfigurable display of the large square and offline opportunities. According to Mark cherry, Vice-President of Phantom Works, Boeing proposed the concept of a helicopter represents an affordable and fully integrated system for upcoming missions …

#In Western Ukraine at home sick with coronavirus, a crowd gathered

#In the city of Chernivtsi in Western Ukraine, where today confirmed its first case of coronavirus at the entrance, where lived were hospitalized, the gathered neighbors – they demanded from the authorities of insulation and a sick wife.[embedded content] The place had to arrive officials and to convince them that the woman has symptoms of the disease there. However, this did not calm the protesters, who had threatened to block the road. In the end, the doctors had to take her to quarantine. The stairwell of flats promise to disinfect throughout the month.The couple returned to Chernivtsi from Italy at …

#Victims of tornadoes in the United States were 25 people In Brazil due to heavy rains killed 17 people

#The result is a powerful tornado in the U.S. state of Tennessee, killed at least 25 people. The search for the missing continues, said Tuesday, March 3, the Department of state for emergency situations.Destructive tornadoes swept over the state in the South-Eastern United States at night on 3 March. According to the authorities of the state capital of Nashville, the city fell 48 buildings, 150 people taken to hospital. The videos aired on TV, were seen damaged bridges and streets. Published a video with dozens of planes collided on the ground at the airport in Nashville and numerous damaged cars. …

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