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*Schnäppchen in Afrikas Schweiz*

In Hio Houta (Benin) ca. 4.500 qm Baugrundstück direkt am Meer + ca. 1500 qm Strandnutzung sehr günstig zu verkaufen!

Benin Bronzes

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Benin Bronzes

Fon Applique Benin Dahomey Africa Lion flag

Large applique flag made in a Fon community in Benin (formerly Dahomey) West Africa. The lion and cutlass represent King Glele who ruled in the 19th century

Benin Bronze

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Benin Bronze

*Schnäppchen in Afrikas Schweiz*

In Benin (Hio Houta) ca. 4.500 qm Baugrundstück direkt am Meer + ca. 1500 qm Strandnutzung sehr günstig zu verkaufen!

1-20 Sahel Art of the Sahara

Pre-1659 West African cotton and indigo royal tunic, a European import from the Ardra kingdom (southern Benin) via the Mandé trade networks. Courtesy: Museum Ulm, Germany
Installation view “Sahel: Art and Empires on the Shores of the Sahara”
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, New York
January 30 – May 10, 2020


Empty hospital beds during malaria season

The seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) campaign is successful from the outset and the number of children contracting malaria is drastically reduced. This sight of empty hospital beds at the peak of malaria season is rather unusual; and medical personnel on night shift sleep throughout the night at this time of year!
Happily commented Dr. Dogo Anita, Pediatrician at Hopital St. Jean de Dieu de Tanguieta.

Photo Credit: IHSA/MSH/USAID project Benin

Health worker provides treatment during an seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaign_USAID IHSA Project_Benin_

Photo credit: Jocelyn Akakpo/USAID IHSA Project

Doctor examines baby during seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaign

Photo credit: Jocelyn Akakpo/USAID IHSA Project

Felix Adegnika, WSSCC National Coordinator in Benin

Participant intervention at the Opening session

Interaction amongst participants on Day 2

Dynamic discussions with participants on WASH issues and commitments during Day 2

Group discussions on Day 2

Dr. Gamatié YOUSSOUF, WHO Representative in Benin

Dynamic discussion among participants after the Opening session

Media interview after the Opening session

Questions and Answers among participants during Day 2

Dynamic group discussion on Day 1

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