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TT-ABD Boeing BBJ Paris-LBG

Chad Tibesti Tarso Tieroko Volcano

Enneri Miski

Chad Tibesti Camp near Yebbi Bou

Enneri Miski

Chad Tibesti tiny Toyota in Enneri Korossom

can you spot the Toyota ?

Chad Tibesti Piste nach Yebbi Bou

a challenge for car and driver

Chad Tibesti hexagonal basalt columns


Chad Tibesti Enneri Korossom Elephants

barely recognizable paintings

Chad Tibesti Aozi 1446 m

small village

Chad Tibesti frosty morning near Aozi

minus 1 degree before sunrise

Chad Tibesti Fofoda

Ouri Plain

Chad Tibesti Korossom Timmy

Rock Art "Korossom Fantastic" Style

Tschad Tibesti Fofoda Camp

Ouri Plain

Chad Tibesti Enneri Fofoda

Ouri Plain

Chad Tibesti Borou Süd Keramik

Ouri Plain

Chad Tibesti Borou

Ouri Plain

Chad Tibesti Fofoda

Ouri Plain

Chad Borkou Tugui Cattle and Giraffes

life-size engravings of cattle

Chad Borkou Tugui Tungur

South of the Tibesti Mountains

Chad Borkou Arrowshaft Smoother Straightener

Enneri Miski

Chad Tibesti Tarso Tieroko 2’925 m

Enneri Miski

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