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Malawi People

Happy children and hardworking mothers probably characterize Malawi more, in addition to other outstanding characteristics of this nation’s citizens. Photo: Badre Bahaj, WFP Malawi


Fuel efficient stoves such as the one in the photo is fast becoming a household name as an innovation which can save firewood in this time when demand for wood energy is high due to population growth. Photo: Aubrey Mbewe, Feed The Children


A lead Farmer, Dailes Kachingwe from Balaka District in southern Malawi inspects his Pigeon Peas field to determine maturing and drying stages, in preparation for harvesting. Pigeon peas are some of the crops that are drought resistant and are used both as a food crop and a cash crop. Photo: Angela Chipeta, PCI Malawi


Citizens are supposed to be consulted and involved in development planning in terms of isolating their needs so that the duty bearers can ably provide them with quality public services. In this photo, community members in one of the villages in Balaka are discussing issues they want their council to include in the District Development Plan (2017-2022) for action in relation to their community needs. Photo: Mike Chipalasa, DAI


A woman pushes a wheelbarrow loaded with Eucalyptus seedlings from a PERFORM grantee's tree nursery. The trees seedlings were planted on 500 hectares of land in the hugely deforested Viphya manmade forest, hoping to bring employment and timber for high-value timber products for years to come. Photo: Gina Althoff, PERFORM


Catherine Thomas, from Machinga in southern Malawi participated in the weather crop insurance (R4 Rural Resilience Initiative, R4) program implemented by the World Food Program with funds from USAID. She learned many skills and tools that are helping her withstand any disaster such as drought and floods, and she is not afraid of hunger anymore. Photo: Badre Bahaj, WFP Malawi


Grace Sankhwani, Standard 1 learner from Dziwe Primary School in Balaka District reading from her Learners Book. To support the Malawi Government’s National Reading Program, USAID-supported MERIT activity improves reading performance of Malawian students in standards 1-4. Photo: Natasha Phoya, RTI


CBCC Children hand washing in Mchinji, demonstrating an important health practice that can reduce or eliminate harmful pathogens. Several infectious diseases can spread from one person to another by contaminated hands and cause diseases such as bloody diarrhoea, Hepatitis A and cholera, among others. Photo: Marcus Westberg, Feed The Children


A National Forest Inventory team member measures a tree's diameter during the National Forest Inventory Activity. Measurements were taken at specific GPS coordinates that team members sometimes had to hike over eight hours roundtrip to find. Photo: Sol Auerbach, PERFORM


Dan Pindani, a Clinical officer demonstrates correct condom use to fishermen in Likapa village in Zomba District during a wellness day in that community by the USAID-supported FISH activity through the HIV Test and Start Initiative. Photo: Maggie Dougherty.


The joy of every parent is to have a healthy and happy. To achieve this, the involvement of men is crucial right from the early stages of development, and throughout the baby’s growth and development stages. Photo: Eliam Kamanga, FHI 360


Oscar Somanje, one enterprising young Malawian man photographed at Lizulu market in Lilongwe town. Malawi has one of the youngest age structures in the world with 34 percent between 15 and 35 years old (NSO 2019). USAID programs work with youth like Oscar Somanje to improve their food and nutrition and income security. Photo: Melissa Cooperman, IFPRI


Stonard Nchese (left) and Marnet Ngosi prepare to install a wildlife camera trap in Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve (NWR) in Malawi. Tchese, a ranger at NWR, and Ngosi, an extension officer with African Parks at NWR, installing and overseeing more than 200 camera traps across the reserve as part of a long-term ecological monitoring effort. Photo: John Kerkering, USFS

Malawi Skink.

We were staying by Lake Malawi when I went out to try to find some wildlife. This little guy was sunbathing on a rock a little distance from me . I took this shot of him before approaching carefully for a closer image but he was gone in a flash !!!

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Sustainable Agriculture Lead Farmer Programme (SALFP) (Project #MW1617)

Getrude, 5, drinks milk from the family's cow.

Enhancing Community Resilience Programme (ECRP) (Project #MW1610)

Elizabeth Nkosi, 45, and her daughter Jennifer, 9, harvest some of their family's sweet potatoes.

Enhancing Community Resilience Programme (ECRP) (Project #MW1610)

Lazarus Mtika, 50, and his daughter Jennifer, 9, harvest some of their family's sweet potatoes.

Matapwata Dairy Improvement Project (Project #MW1616)

Misheck Kamoto, 6, drinks milk from the family's dairy cow.

Central Dairy Scale Up Project (Project #MW1612)

Rafiki Chikwati, 5, (right) and his cousin Kwacha Jere, 8, eat porridge prepared with milk from the family's dairy cow.

Central Dairy Scale Up Project (Project #MW1612)

Rafiki Chikwati, 5, eats porridge prepared with milk from the family's dairy cow.

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